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Roll of Remembrance

Here you will find a list of our dear departed whose names are inscribed in our Memorial Book for Perpetual Remembrance alongside memorial prayers.

Silent Prayers in Memory of Loved Ones

As we near the end of this solemn service, we pause to consider not only what Yom Kippur has meant to us today and in the past, but also what it meant in years gone by to others whom we loved and still love, who have gone to their eternal home. They prayed, repented, and sought atonement, as we have done. They had their faults and weaknesses, but they drew strength from their faith, as we seek strength in ours. Their noble and endearing qualities enriched us and gave us joy. We remember them with gratitude.

May God remember the souls of (names) who have entered the life of eternity. May I always remember them with love and honor their memory by living up to my highest self and by showing kindness to others. Let their memory inspire me to conduct myself that they may live on in me, and that, through my life, what they valued and cared about most will be brought nearer to fulfillment.

For a Spouse

We shared so much together. How fortunate we were to find each other and to brighten our lives with our embraces of love. Your affection sweetened the days of my life. We built our house of dreams, shared sorrows, frustrations, and fulfillment. Now I miss you so very much. I hear your voice urging me not to dwell in despair but to hold on to life for both of us. I give thanks to God for the gifts of our love and the inspiration of your memory.

For a Child

You were a jewel placed in my possession for too little time. I recall your bright, inquisitive eyes, the softness of your touch, all the love you brought into my life. There is a void I feel that will never be filled. Your loss still assails me with anguish, and yet, the beauty of your life still shines within me. I cannot allow the gift you were to fade from my life. Your life has taught me to cherish life, to reach out with support and love to others. In all the good I do, you are there. Your memory brings blessings and is a blessing forever.

For a Parent

My heart fills with tender memories of you in this Yozkor hour. I recall your care, how you watched over me, guided me, and nurtured me with your love. I miss your concern, your wisdom, your kind, proud eyes. You gave me life and formed my love for life. You live forever in the goodness I do and in the light I bring into the lives of others. I give thanks to God for all my precious memories of you.

For a Sibling or Friend

In this Yizkor moment, I recall you. I remember the days when we shared companionship, laughter, and love. You were there for me in times of trouble, and you lifted my spirits when I was down. You are gone, but your influence continues to echo inside me. Your thoughts and deeds live on. I cherish your memory and the blessing you still bring to my life.

Departed This Life in the Year 5784 (2022 – 2023)

Darlene Claire Agnos
Kenneth Saul Atterman
Selby Barrach
Saul Charles Belz
Ann Lewin Benham
Stephen H. Biller
Marilyn Reiter Blumbeks
Melanie Pozez Blumberg
Albert “Al” Bozof
Joel Butler
Jerry Chafetz
Jennifer Ruth Cohen
David A. Cohen
Marvin Dattel
Kay Rauscher Dortch
Sima Dressler
Richard Melvin Eisenberg
Joyce Eisenberg
Alton Ellis
Zelda Cristil Esgrow
Bernice Feller
Charles Harold Fineberg
Sandra Frankel
Stanley Phillip Franklin
Suzanne Kahn Franklin
Marsha Frisch
Maxine “Micki” Gardner
Marvin Julius Glatstein
Robert “Bob” Gold
Darlene Feinberg Goldberg
Ilse Markus Goldberg
Marvin Goldfarb
Jeffrey Goldstein

Frances Perl Goodman
Alvin Gordon
Alice Phillips Gottlieb
Sally Goodman Graflund
Thelma Waller Greenberg
Julius Theodore Hankin
Bradley William Hanover
Susan Harrison
Olene Haskins
Rachel Alison Heiss
Dorothy Sandler Hirsh
Leonard Paul Jacobs
William “Buddy” Jason
Nancy Jones
Clara Malacha Jordan
Jacqueline Halperin Kantor
Phyllis Alexander Kaplan
Sharon Kastel-Duval
Hilda B. Kaufman
Michael Zola Kay
Jeffrey “Jeff” Kloville
Richard L. Krelstein
Marxann Sherman Lazar
Edward Lazar
Eugene Leo Lerner, Jr.
Peyton Grant Less
William David Levy
Abbie Lucille Lyon
Lee H. Malkin
Arnold Asher Manis
Avram Medini
Racelle Mednikow
Miriam “Mimi” Cristil Michel
Valentina Moshkina
Linda Smith Neel

Samuel David “Sammy” Nickol
Geraldine Nieberg
David Michael Okeon
Marshall Elliot Ostrow
Marcy Siskind Pearlman
Annie Peret
Rochelle Lynne Rosen Perlman
William B. Plough
Michael Reisman
Peter Ritterstein
Frances L. Rubenstein
Carol Ruch
Jay K. Schwartzberg
Claire Shaw
Paul Lawrence Sherman
Carol Ruth Shutzberg
Yolanda Silva
Linda Nathan Simon
Saralyn Epstein Singer
William M. “Bill” Snyder
Adalyn Marie Spence
Susan St. John
Helen Steiger
Margot Stern Strom
Nina Ruth Tamber
Mary Taylor
Henry Oscar Thacker
Ronna Thomas
Dorothy Parker Trotz
Robert Vidulich
J. Edward “Ed” Wise
Edward R. Young

Our Dear Departed Whose Names Are Inscribed in Our Memorial Book for Perpetual Remembrance

If you would like to inscribe a name (or names) in the Temple Israel Memorial Book, permanently housed in the lobby outside of the sanctuary, please contact Jan Klein.



Grace Wolf Aarons
Henry Aarons
Ivy Miller Abel
Bernard C. Abraham
Celia G. Abraham
George G. Abraham
Rosa Weisberger Abraham
Samuel Abraham
Sorrell J. Abramson
Eva Acard
Irving Acard
Asher Ackerman
Mary Sternberg Ackerman
Reuben Malamud Ackerman
Frieda S. Adelson
Maurice Bernard Adelson
Frankie Anne Adkins
Bertha Maienthal Adler
Ernest Laucheimer Adler
Herman Simon Adler
Herta Adler
Joan Solomon Adler
Johl Leo Adler
John H. Adler
Dr. Justin Hans Adler
Liesel Berg Adler
Lybie Corem Adler
Ruth Strauss Adler
Sam Adler
Esther Alabaster
Jake Alabaster
Miriam LeeVine Alabaster
Morris L. Alabaster
Sam Alabaster
Sondra Natalie Gold Alabaster
Dr. Adrian Aldea
Dr. Blanche Aldea
Amy Goodman Allenberg
Edward Mark Allenberg
Fannie Kaiser Allenberg
Flora Bloom Allenberg
Henry Allenberg
Herman Allenberg
Joseph Meyer Allenberg
Julian H. Allenberg
Rose Myers Allenberg
Sarabess M. Alofsin
Abe Alperin
Alfred Maurice Alperin
Dave Alperin
David Michael Alperin
Edward Alperin
Fannie Evensky Alperin
Frances Cohen Alperin
Ike H. Alperin
Jennie Rose Lauterstein
Joseph Alperin
Martha Oser Alperin
Suzanne Alperin
Tillie Blen Alperin
Lillian T. Alpert
Judge Milton Alpert
Paul Alpert
Leah Grinberg Alter
Pincu (Pinchas) Alter
Helen Rosenberg Andrews
Joseph Franklin Andrews
Ida Angel
Ike Anzaroot
Agathyne Kern Applebaum
Louis Applebaum
Manuel A. Applebaum
Ramelle Weinberg Applebaum
Adolf Arfeld
Heriberto Arfeld
Mathilde Arfeld
I. N. Arnof
Lucile Picard Arnof
Abe Milton Aronoff
Daisy Phillips Aronoff
Jacob Solomon Aronowitz
Johana Regenbogen
Joseph Ashendorf
Thelma Bernstein Ashendorf
Fanny Brenner Asher
Kalman E. Asher
Bessie Goodman Ashner
Jack Astrachan
Millie Bernstein Avrech
Bernard Axel
Frances Allenberg Axel


Jacob James Bach
James Bach
Rebecca Bauman Bach
Norman A. Bacharach
Sam Bacherig
Harry Bachman
Charles Badanis
Ben Kayser Baer
Bennie Baer
Dora Gross Baer
Emma Kullman Baer
Louis Baer
Max Baer
Annette Applebaum Baim
Bert Baker
Isaac “Ike” Baker
Tillie R. Baker
A. Marvin Balkin
Belle Eshman Balkin
Ben B. Balkin
David Lewis Balkin
Frank Balkin
Irene E. Balkin
Israel E. Balkin
Jessie Lewis Balkin
Aron Bankier
Herschel W. Banks, Jr.
Abe Edward Baras
Sylvia Reiser Baras
Henry Bard
Agota Szabo Bardos
Adalin Levey Barnett
Bert E. Barnett
Elizabeth Ernstein Barnett
Hannah Jacobstein Barnett
Ida Lena Barnett
Joseph Gershon Barnett
Louis Barnett
Stanley I. Barnett
Bernard Michael Barr
James Vincent Barrasso
Dr. Jerome N. Barrasso
Freida Epstein Baruchman
Ike Baruchman
Henry (Harry) Baskind
Jeanette Baskind
Julius Baskind
Reva Weiss Baskind
Dr. Robert Basist
Rachel Bauer
Yetta Abrams Bauer
Augusta Slager Baum
Herbert Baum
Julius Baum
Rosaestelle Richberger Baum
Ruth Goodman Baum
Eleise Rich Bauman
Estelle Hirsh Bauman
Saul Richard Bauman
Selig Bauman
Aaron David Bearman
Barbara Sugarman Bearman
Bertha Springer Bearman
Dorothy Folz Bearman
Eugene Joel Bearman
Eva Bearman
Harry L. Bearman
Helen Strauss Bearman
Henrietta S. Bearman
Jerome L. Bearman
Joseph Maurice Bearman
Joy M. Bearman
Leo Edward Bearman
Leo Maurice Bearman
Morris Bearman
Benjamin Louis Beatus, Sr.
Carl Stuart Beatus
Celeste B. Beatus
Evelyn Kaplan Beatus
Felix Beatus
Gertrude Weiss Beatus
Hannah Ernstein Beatus
Jacob J. Beatus
Leah Davis Beatus
Rica W. Beatus
Samuel Beatus
Sandra Loskovitz Beatus
Sol L. Beatus
Benjamin John Beck
Edna Kaiser Beck
Samuel Beck
Sylvia Abraham Beck
Thomas Jay “Tommy” Beck
Isaac Becker
Leon Becker
Rose Borowsky Becker
Venda Cohen Becker
Allen J. Beckman
Adele Peltz Bedrin
Louis Bedrin
Samuel Joseph Behr
Samuel Joseph Behr, Jr.
Alex Behrend
Mary Behrend
Minnie Behrend
Rachel Behrend
Rosa Behrend
Simon Behrend
Ann Rauch Belinky
Marilyn Hanover Belz
Melody Tuchin Belz
Trudy Rosen Belz
Charles Bendet
Charles Bendit
Amelia Brenner Benham
Etta Benham
Herbert Benham, Jr.
Herbert Benham, Sr.
Irene Buchalter Benham
Joel Benham
May Rosenberg Benham
Ida Lee Bennett
Jack A. Bennett
Adele Isenburg Benovitz
Joseph Benovitz
Herman Bensdorf, Sr.
Herman Bensdorf II
Marie Marx Bensdorf
Alfred Bensinger
Carl William Bensinger
Edeline Geronin Bensinger
Lloyd Binford Bensinger
Mildred Allenberg Bensinger
Pauline Levy Bensinger
Alice S. Berg
Bertha Schafer Berg
Jesse Lee Berg
Lee Berg
Lera Dee Berg
Sam L. Berg
Fannie Brahin Berger
Sarah Grossman Berger
Morris Berliant
Arthur Ira Berman
Cecil L. Berman
Merril Berman
Morris Aaron Berman
Rebecca Berman
Abe Bernatsky
Bernice Harris Bernatsky
Ernest (Ernie) W. Bernhardt
Aline Kahn Bernheim
Berthol “Bert” Moise
Fernand Bernheim
Florian Raymond Bernheim
Gustave Abram Bernheim
S. K. Bernheim
Sadye Kern Bernheim
Joel Bernsen
Alexander L. Bernstein
Eugene Bernstein, Sr.
Grace Rae Lofsky Bernstein
Gussie Weiss Bernstein
Jacob Bernstein
Janna Bernheim Bernstein
Lester M. Bernstein
Linda Lerner Bernstein
Max A. Bernstein
Miriam Reisman Bernstein
Mollie Bernstein
Robert Bernstein
Viola Beck Bernstein
Hannah Bittner Berz
Theodore Berz
Dr. Leonard Alvin Beyer
Marie Marks Beyer
Lucille Wolff Bick
Irving Aaron Biller
Vivian Schleifer Biller
Regina Adler Bilsky
Ivan Frank Binder
Joanie Binder
Lewis Binder
Stacey Frank Binder
Florence Lesser Binswanger
Lenore Heifetz Binswanger
Milton S. Binswanger, Jr.
Milton Samuel Binswanger, Sr.
Dr. Stuart Ellis Birnbaum
Ida Mai Bishin
William C. Bishin
Arnold Gans Blair
Isabel Hecht Blair
Alfred A. Blatnikoff
Faye Blatnikoff-Schwartz
Dorothy Mount Blen
Suellen Brenner Blen
Abe F. Blindman
Marna Lee Blindman
Decie Starr Blitz
Helene Bloch
Hortense Bloch
Max Bloch
Max Bloch, Jr.
Ben Block
Frances Loeb Block
Henrietta B. Block
Herman Weil Block
Julia F. Block
Nathaniel J. Block
Vera Laupheimer Block
Amelia Weil Bloom
Ely Philip Bloom
George Harry Bloom
Harry Bloom
Helen Wieder Bloom
Julian Samuel Bloom
Julius Bloom
Dr. Philip H. Bloom
Rosene Bloom
Sara Iseman Bloom
Sophie Holwerk Bloom
Joseph Bloomfield
Ella Rosenstein Bluestein
Alvin F. Bluthenthal
Herman Bluthenthal
Jeannette Kohn Bluthenthal
Minnie Freiberg Bluthenthal
Burton Philip Bodan, Jr.
Bessie Bogatin
Irvin Bogatin
Michelle Myers Bogatin
Samuel John Bogatin
Cecile Goldman Bornstein
Herman Bornstein
Birdye Kaufman Borod
Isadore L. Borod
Margaret Morris Borod
Marx J. Borod
Ruth Sater Malkin Borod
Amelia Gensburger Borodofsky
Avrome H. Boshwit
Buck Boshwit
Louise Zugsmith Boshwit
M. Buck Boshwit
Julius Boshwitz
Harry Boston
Joseph W. Boston
Lee Midlo Boston
Thomas D. Boyer
Babette Steinberg Boynton
Dorothy Krag Bozof
Evan Scott Bozof
Isaac Bozof
Morris Bozof
Steven David Bozof
Nell C. Bozof
Fernand David Brackstone
Gladys Bullard Brackstone
Dr. LeRoy Bloch Brackstone
Rebecca Nickol Brackstone
Adeline Erber Brandes
Albert Brandes, Jr.
Albert Brandes, Sr.
Mildred M. Brandes
Fanny Jacobs Brandt
Louis S. Brandt
Jeanette Baum Branson
Sol A. Braslow
David Brenman
Hettye Gensburger Brenman
Aaron Brenner
Abe Brenner
Bobette Lewis Brenner
John Maury Brenner
Kathryn Carroll Brenner
Lester H. Brenner
Louis Brenner
Martha Weintraub Brenner
Milton Brenner
Nettie Jacoby Brenner
Harry C. Bresler
Herman Bresler
Max Bresler
May C. Bresler
Rose Bresler
Sarah Bresler
William Bresler
Spencer Bressack
Kate M. Brick
Charleen Greenberg Brod
Joanne S. Wolf Brod
Julius Henry Brod
Merrill Raymond Brod
Thelma Davidson Brod
Arthur G. Brode
Clara Friedman Brode
Erneice Jacob Brode
Howard M. Brode
Marvin Jay Brode
Max Brode
Rose Friedman Brode
Henrietta Hostetler Brody
Jewell Brody
Leo Brody
Betty Clarke Bronstein
Esther Bronstein
Dr. Hyman Bronstein
Dr. Jacob H. Bronstein
Mary Bronstein
Dr. Maury Bronstein
Paul Samuel Bronstein
Samuel Bronstein
Julia Bronze
Max Bronze
Hattie Mayor Brooks
Arthur Halle Brown
Beth Goldsmith Brown
Blanche Davidson Brown
Celia Brown
Helen Leshnower Brown
LeRoy T. Brown
Max D. Brown
Sam Brown
Alice Rose Brownstein
Fred X. Brownstein
Arthur S. Brueck
Lilo (Liselotte) Haas Brueck
Ferdinand Bruck
Doris W. Buchalter
Frances Lesser Buchalter
Martie Warner Buchalter
Maurice Gene Buchalter
Dr. Robert Buchalter
Sam Buchalter
Lillie Gans Buchsbaum
Morris A. Buchsbaum
Josef Buckler
Leigh Ellen Buring
Louis Buring
Adam Burnett
Fannie Schoenfield Burnett
George L. Burnett
Aileen Titche Burson
Dr. Albert S. Burson
Amelia Burson
Barbara Sue Burson
Frieda Salky Burson
Harry A. Burson
Leon Sol Burson
Oscar Burson
Rebecca S. Burson
Sam Elliot Burson
Anne Rosen Butcher
Samuel Arthur Butcher


Jerome Lehman Caldwell, Sr.
Rebecca Frank Califf
Solomon Califf
Frances Canier
Ida Mexic Caplan
Margaret “Miki” Cohn Caplan
Michel “Mike” Caplan
Esther Levy Caro
Cecelia Krintzman Cassell
Charles Jacob Cassell
Edna Polinsky Cassell
Edward Cassell
Dorothy Jiedel Censer
Joseph B. Censer
Belle E. “Betty” Chaban
Charles J. Chaban
Norman Mayer Charney
Elliot Chaum
Mona Greif Clarke
Abbott Leonard Cohen
Ada Cohen
Albert Cohen
Allen Edward Cohen
Anna Friedman Cohen
Bernhart Cohen
Charles Cohen
David I. Cohen
David Millard Cohen
Dora Cohen
Dora Bursk Cohen
Ernest Maurice Cohen
Fred Samuel Cohen
George H. Cohen
Gertrude Kabakoff Cohen
Harold Sanford Cohen
Harriet G. Cohen
Dr. Hymen Leon Cohen
Irene Hilda Schloss Cohen
Irving Cohen
Isaac Cohen
Isaac M. Cohen
Jacob William Cohen
Jake Cohen
Jane (Jennie) Jacobs Cohen
Jeanette Brooks Cohen
Jennie Cohen
Judy Michel Cohen
Linda Halter Cohen
Marie Wolf Cohen
Marietta Mayer Cohen
Max Cohen
Dr. Max H. Cohen
Minnie Cohen
Minnie Weiner Cohen
Miriam Lee Cohen
Mollie Marcus Cohen
Dr. Morris David Cohen
Pearle Frank Cohen
Philip Cohen
Karl Quentin Chambless
Philip Charles Cohen
Rae Cohen
Rebecca Levingston Cohen
Rebecca L. Cohen
Rebekah M. Cohen
Col. Samuel Harry Cohen
Samuel Wolf Cohen
Sol Cohen
Staci Elyse Cohen
Stanley Marvin Cohen
William Mendel (Wim) Cohen
Alma Newburger Cohn
David J. Cohn
Dorothy J. Cohn
Emanuel Cohn
Etta Gugenheim Cohn
Harris Cohn
Harry Cohn
Howard Allen Cohn
Jacob Cohn
Kate Cohn
Lena Bachman Cohn
Mildred Marx Cohn
Morton Cohn
Dr. Richard Aaron Cohn
Dr. Sidney A. Cohn
Sol Cohn
Thelma Getsin Cohn
Rheta Hyam Cole
Elza Marinheiro Goncalves
Manuel Pereira Goncalves Colletes
Frank M. Conklin
Pauline Conklin
Deborah Lynn Conlee
Donald Erwin Conroy
Jack Jacob Conroy
Fanne Padawer Cook
Dr. Joel Martin Cook
Marcus G. Cook
Sadie B. Cook
Dave Cooper
Dora Cooper
Esther Sanders Cooper
Frieda Frank Cooper
Gilbert Cooper
Harry Cooper
Harry S. Cooper
Jean J. Cooper
Lawrence Cooper
Louis Cooper
Martin S. Cooper
Mary Louise Krakaur Cooper
Melvin B. Cooper
Meriam Cohen Cooper
Polly Jane Cohen Cooper
Ruth Bertha Jacobsen Cooper
Sam Cooper
Sara Natalie Cooper
Cherie Petite Cooperman
Ruth Cooperman
Eric H. Cornell
Helga Robins Cornell
Mark Cowles
Benjamin Cristil
Eris Dymple Cristil
Molly Kabakoff Cristil
Stanley Cristil
Ben Wolf Croner
Helen Jiedel Croner
Jack R. Croner
Jacob Croner
Jori Bernhardt Curd


Charles Lewis Dan
Melwyn B. Dan
Dr. Jacob A. Danciger
Lillian Seligman Darch
Hannah Marks Dattel
Milton Joseph Dattel
Samuel Dattel
Adelaide W. Daves
Joy Daves
Dr. Marvin L. Daves
Abe J. Davidson
Flora Loket Davidson
Hermine Jacobs Davidson
Norman Stanley Davidson
Raye M. Davidson
Samuel H. Davidson
Sarah R. Davidson
Saul Davidson
Bertha Shinegold Davis
Dora Boshwitz Davis
Dorothy Brown Davis
Emily Levy Davis
Ethel Balkin Davis
H. Dudley Davis
James Malcolm Davis, Sr.
Johanna Meyer Davis
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis
Marjorie Weinberg Davis
Nancy Lynn Davis
Dr. Norman Davis
Abraham S. DeHaan
Ellis William Delin
Ann Lee Delugach
Audie Kaplan Delugach
Corinne Goodman Delugach
Don Allen Delugach
Gilbert L. Delugach
Henry G. DeLugach
Manny Delugach
Flora Prince Dent
Lee Dent
Rebecca Ballon Dent
Carolyn Vancleeff Dermon
Dave Dermon
Dave Dermon II
Dave Dermon III
Harry D. Dermon
Hilda Jacobson Dermon
Lillian Kabakoff Dermon
Mollie Faine Dermon
Nathan Dermon
Barbara Regensburger
Benjamin Deutsch
Dr. Jacob Deutsch
Morris Deutsch
Sara Deutsch
Graham Louis deWit
Anne Ridblatt Dickstein
Helen Baum Dinkelspiel
Henry Simon Dinkelspiel
Isidor Dinkelspiel
Selma K. Dinkelspiel
Tillie Stein Dinkelspiel
Annie Eva Discher
Ephriam Discher
Katherine Rutsky Discher
Else Baensch Dixon
George H. Dixon
Ben J. Dlugach
Betty Brown Dlugach
Fanny Ettingoff Dlugach
Harry Dlugach
Rose Jaffe Dlugach
Marlynd C. Dolgoff
Rivia Balkin Domash
Gerald A. Dortch
Mayme Applebaum Dortch
Milton Dortch
Alice Greenberg Drake
Vincent B. Drake
Vivian Pontbriand Drake
Fred B. Dreifus
Jeanne Dinsmore Dreifus
Myra Finsterwald Dreifus
Ben Drexler
David Drexler
Dora Glass Drexler
Mike Meyer Drexler
Selma Leider Drexler
Albert Dreyfus
Estelle Barach Dunn
Henry M. Dunn
Leona DeMere Dwyer
McCarthy DeMere Dwyer


Beatrice Gertrude Yavitz Eber
Izzie Eber
Donald S. Eby
Joe Edelson
E. Charles Eichenbaum
Helen Lockwood Eichenbaum
Maurice Eilbott
Nannette E. Eilbott
Ina Plesofsky Eiseman
John Keller Eiseman
Rena Jacobs Eiseman
Irvin Eisenberg
William Eisenkramer
Joann Solomon Eisenstatt
Phillip Eisenstatt
Helen Foltz Elfant
Leo Elfant
Ina Scheinberg Ellis
Ruth Underberg Ellis
Lottie Hanover Emmerman
Celia Sternshein Engel
Philip Malkin Engel
Helen Sonn Engelberg
Issy Paul Engelberg
Jake Engelberg
Maxine Engelberg
Nathan Engelberg
Natalie Herzberg Epstein
Nathan Epstein
Pearl M. Epstein
Rae Epstein
William Epstein
Harold Hermann Eschen
Norine Lehman Eschen
Jack Esman
Yetta Esman
Lillian Goldstein Espinosa
Lieselott Rosenberg Esser
Rabbi Harry W. Ettelson
Nell S. Ettelson
Maurice Ettman
Pearle Berger Ettman
Gertrude Getsin Kraus
Dr. Harry Evans
Randall “Randy” Martin Evans
Rose Gerber Evans
Arthur A. Evensky
Bessie Margolin Evensky
Frances Silberstein Evensky
Julius L. Evensky
Sadie Steinberg Evensky


Amos B. Falk
Lena Boshwitz Falk
Nathan M. Falk
Carrie Goldsmith Fanduward
Morton G. Fanduward
Abraham Farber
Boris Farber
Eli Farber
Hannah Jacobson Farber
Helaine Rothschild Farber
Hiam Nisen Farber
Leib Mayer Farber
Marguerite B. F. Farber
David Martin Fargotstein
Esta Katz Fargotstein
Gayle Fargotstein
Max Fargotstein
Sally Fargotstein
Sam Fargotstein
Gloria W. Feder
Hannah Feder
Harold Sidney Feder
Isidore W. Feder
Leo David Feder, Sr.
Minnie Lewis Feder
Samuel Feder
Sigmund Feder
Flora Feibelman
Herschel L. Feibelman
Max Feibelman
Shirley Samish Feibelman
Fannie Feinberg
Fannie Feingold
Bess Davis Feinstein
Dr. Harold Feinstein
Jacqueline Feinstein
Samuel Feinstone
Sophia Feinstone
Laz T. Feist
Bernard E. Feld
Mamie Mosinger Feld
Leo D. Feder, Jr.
Cecilia F. Felsenthal
Edward Felsenthal
Jacob C. Felsenthal
Lucile Friedlander Felsenthal
Marcus Stanley Felsenthal
Pearl Thalheimer Felsenthal
Rose Heyman Dan Felsenthal
Sally Schloss Felsenthal
Sidney Anker Felsenthal
Frances Cook Fenberg
Jake R. Fenberg
Betty Roth Feuerman
Leon Feuerstein
Barbara Baras Fields
Irving Paul Filderman
Mollie Filderman
Suzanne Haas Filderman
Rabbi William H. Fineshriber
Sheldon Niles Fingerett
Bernard “Pat” Fink
Helen Malkin Fink
Robert Aaron Fink
Wayne Charles Fink
Ralph “Micky” Finn
Sarah “Teter” Finn
Sidney Firestone
Jake Fishbein
Marie Appleson Fishbein
Ben Fishel
Carl Bernard Fisher
Doreen Ruby Fisher
George H. Fisher
Jill Lynn Fisher
Lisa Fisher
Norma Linkon Fisher
Ella Feder Flattau
Esther Levy Flattau
Julius Flattau
Marvin Fleet
Abraham Fleischer
Lena Moskowitz Fleischer
Max Fleischer
Melvin Fleischer
Rebecca Meyer Fleischer
Jettie Ross Flexer
Louis G. Flexer
Bessie Silverblatt Florman
Lloyd Harold Florman
Sam Florman
Mollye B. Fogelman
Morris S. Fogelman
Abraham Folz
Eva Fleischer Folz
Helen Stern Folz
Le Roy Saul Folz
Monte Folz, Jr.
Monte Folz, Sr.
Tillie Frank Folz
Burney M. Fooks
Henri G. Fooks
Louis Fooks
Rena Rosen Fooks
Jeanne Goltman Ford
Jeffrey Glen Ford
Michael Q. Ford
Milton Q. Ford
Dr. Robert L. Forman
Annie Feingold Fortas
Harry William Fortas
Henry H. Fortas
Milton B. Fortas
Sam Fortas
Sylvia Stiman Fortas
Thelma Morris Fortas
Anne Bachenheimer Frank
Augusta P. Frank
Dora Traube Frank
Edward Rubin Frank
Harry Frank
Herbert Frank
Isadore Frank
Julius C. Frank
Karl Frank
Samuel Frank
Selma Brown Frank
Theodore William Frank
William Abraham Frankel
George F. Franklin
Jennie Sandler Franklin
Joseph Franklin
Leon F. Franklin
Lily Rosenblum Franklin
Mollie Franklin
Ninon E. Franklin
Roberta Louise Franklin
Sam Franklin
Anna Eskin Frazer
Louis Frazer
Cornelia Cohn Freudberg
Edward Freudberg
Irving Freudberg
Judith Freudberg
Bernice Podell Freudenfeld
Effie Kaufman Fried
Gerald Leonard Fried
Inez Flink Fried
Isadore Friedberg
Joseph L. Friedberg
Louis Friedberg
Paula Wolfsfeld Friedberg
Abraham Lynn Friedlander
Fannie Friedlander
Leon I. Friedlander
Phillip Friedlander
Yetta Morganstein Friedlander
Beatrice Bilsky Friedman
Ben W. Friedman
Carol Davis Levy Friedman
Charles S. Friedman
Dena Graber Friedman
Dorothy Califf Friedman
Elizabeth T. Friedman
Evelyn Nathan Friedman
Ewing Friedman
Gladys Friedman
Herman L. Friedman
Ike Friedman
Jay Fred Friedman
Joseph H. Friedman
Joseph Sittenfield Friedman
Lana Friedman
Milton Friedman
Rachel Friedman
Rosaline W. Friedman
Samuel H. Friedman
Sophie G. Friedman
Virginia Sittenfield Friedman
Wilhelmina Sittenfield Friedman
Bernard Frisch
Shirley Conroy Frisch


Fannie F. Gabay
Raphael Gabay
Miriam Farber Gailes
Joyce Cooper Gallant
Gloria Gang
Myron Garber
Bernard J. Garfinkel
Bertha M. Garfinkel
Harry Garfinkel
Tillie Hanover Bryan Garlikov
Harry Gasoff
Elsie Lenore Haines Geller
Jacob Geller
Lawrence Dexter Geller
Dorothy Gellerman
Elroy Gellerman
Norma Dallis Gerard
Raymond Gerard
Dr. Alexander Gerber
Dr. Beatrice Kalish Gerber
Marshall L. Gerber
Daniel Lawrence Gerwin
Thomas Allen Gerwin
Nathan Getsin
Reba Getsin
Renee Newman Geyer
Norman Shepherd Gilbert
Rhoda Lowenberg Gilbert
Frances Bass Gill
Aimee Goldsmith Wolf Ginsburg
Everett Herbert Ginsburg
Herman C. Ginsburg
Howard David Ginsburg
Joseph Jacob Ginsburg
Minnie Lewis Ginsburg
Harry Glaser
Joe Ann Glaser
Emanuel Glass
Dr. J. George Glassberg
Mary Kemp Glassberg
Albert E. Glazer
Berel Glazer
Bessie Glazer
Gloria Glazer
Herbert Glazer
Nancy Wellman Glazer
Patricia Allen Glazer
Henry Gluck
Sara Rosenstein Gluck
Abraham Gold
Jack S. Gold
Beth Sheila Goldberg
Ernest M. Goldberg
Melvin H. “Bubba” Goldberg
Rose Freeman Goldberg
Sam A. Goldberg
Selma Brode Goldberg
Stephanie Cohn Goldberg
David Goldberger
Emanuel Goldberger
Eugene S. Goldberger
Louise “Libby” Nash
Regina Schwartz
Samuel Herman
Wilma Gottlieb Goldberger
Deborah A. Golden
Al Bohne Goldfarb
Melba Pollock Goldfarb
Rose Bohne Goldfarb
Louis Barry Goldfeder
Joseph S. Goldfine
Miriam M. Goldfine
David Goldin
Roslyn Eleanor Goldin
Bertram Goldman
Kate Gold Goldman
Allyn Sol Goldner
Alvin Goldner
Hortense Folz Goldner
Aimee Landman Goldsmith
Belle Stein Goldsmith
Bertha T. Goldsmith
Dora Ottenheimer Goldsmith
Dorothy M. Goldsmith
Elias Goldsmith
Elias J. Goldsmith, Sr.
Elias Jacob Goldsmith, Jr.
Elvis Ginsburg Goldsmith
Frances Goldsmith
Fred Goldsmith, Sr.
George S. Goldsmith
Ira G. Goldsmith
Jacob Goldsmith
Judy Payton Goldsmith
Larry Jay Goldsmith
Leo Goldsmith
Dr. Lester I. Goldsmith
Robert T. Goldsmith
Sadie S. Goldsmith
Sophia Goldsmith
Bernard Goldstein
Jerome Joseph Goldstein
Joe Goldstein
Kate Goldstein
Louis Irwin Goldstein
Lucille Brenner Goldstein
Minnie S. Goldstein
Nathan Isidor Goldstein
Patricia L. Goldstein
Sam Ralph Goldstein
Sarah Kaminsky Goldstein
Dr. Alfred M. Goltman
Helen H. Goltman
Sarita Marcuse Gomez
Elaine Stern Gompertz
Louis Michael Gompertz
Abe Goodman
Abe Goodman, Jr.
Adolph Goodman
Alice Ashner Goodman
Alice R. Goodman
Babette Goodman
Belle Lerner Goodman
Benjamin Goodman, Jr.
Benjamin Goodman, Sr.
Bertha Scharff Goodman
Bobye Wolf Goodman
Caren Lynn Goodman
Charles F. Goodman
Claire Garber Goodman
Clara Goodman
Estelle N. Goodman
Frances Woolbert Goodman
Gussie Henochsberg
Isabel Ehrlich Goodman
Jacob A. Goodman
James A. Goodman
Jerome Goodman
Joseph Goodman
Julius Goodman
Leah Hirsch Goodman
Louis Goodman
Matthew David Goodman
Phillip Goodman
Rana Crohn Goodman
Sally Goodman
Seymore Goodman
Solomon Goodman
William Wolf Goodman
Aaron Gorden
Margaret B. Gorden
Abe Gordon
Albert A. Gordon
Audrey Shersky Gordon
Bernice K. Gordon
Dee Wahl Gordon
Ezidor Gordon
Gertie Alper Gordon
Gordon I. Gordon
Harold “Flash” Gordon
Jack Copel Gordon
Leona G. Gordon
Letty S. Klein Gordon
Meyer Monroe Gordon
Sara Kaufman Gordon
Dr. Marvin Gottlieb
Hannah Klein Gould
Jacob G. Gould
Paula Benovitz Gould
Abraham Graber
Clara Sacks Graber
Dave Graber
David Michael Graber
Joe Graber
Margaret S. Graber
Meyer Graber
Rebecca Graber
Rose S. Graber
Sam Graber
Cecelia Zimmerman Graeber
Dave Graeber
Beatrice O. Grant
Peter Grant
Edward Grauman
Meyer Graupe
Rose Meyer Graupe
Dorothy Newburger Green
Dr. Joseph B. Green
Adele Hohenemser Greenberg
Alfred Greenberg
Ben Greenberg
Bette Grossman Greenberg
David Greenberg
David B. Greenberg
Edward Mathis Greenberg
Harold J. Greenberg
Irma Sue Kohn Greenberg
Lillian Solomon Greenberg
Rose Goldstein Greenberg
Violette Reiter Greenberg
Thelma Shainberg Waller
Erna Greenblatt
Harry Greenblatt
Effie Mecklenburger Greener
Eugene Greener, Sr.
Florence Greener
Esther Gordon Greenfield
Hanarose Echelbacher Greenfield
Dr. Hyman Greenfield
Rose Biener Greenfield
Rose Drexler Greenfield
William Standley Greenfield
Mortimer C. Greenstone
Jennie Wolf Greenwald
Simon Greenwald
Daniel Simon Greif
Goodall Greif
Sophye Silberberg Greif
Sylvia Alperin Greif
Helen Grimm
Mel G. Grinspan
Arlene Hollander Gritz
Benjamin A. Grodnitz
Lee Grodnitz
Donald Ike Gronauer
Dorothy Goldsmith Gronauer
Joseph Ashner Gronauer
David Groskind
Ike Groskind
Ben Milton Gross
Blanche Brode Gross
Charles C. Gross
Ella Ottenheimer Gross
Fanny Gross
Flora Mendel Gross
Maud M. Gross
Moses Gross
Pauline Herzfeld Cohen Gross
Dora Motchan Grossman
Jack C. Grossman
Maureen Underberg Grossman
Milton Grossman
Anna Kabakoff Gruber
Faylese Scharff Gruber
Herman Gilbert Gruber
Isaac Lewis Gruber
Leslie Gilbert Gruber
Paul Frederick Gruber
Sarah C. Gruber
Evelyn Kabakoff Gruenwald
Dr. Siegfried Gruenwald
Abraham Grushkin
David Grushkin
Leah Monasof Grushkin
Sylvia Powell Grushkin
Abraham Glassman Grusin
Leon Grusin
Madelyn Grusin
Lee Notowitz Gryll
Alan Sterling Gubin
Fay H. Gubin
Karin Joy Gubin
Dr. Sydney Gubin
Samuel Guff
Jeannette Gugenheim
Arlene Spindel Gussin
Lawrence Gussin
Ludwig Emanuel Gutman


Gerda Haas
Edgar C. Haas, Jr.
Edgar C. Haas, Sr.
Jacob Roy Haas
Joan Wolfe Haas
Joseph Davis Haas
Marcus Loeb Haas
Margaret Elaine Haas
Mildred Hirsch Haas
Richard Haas
Robert Paul Haas
Ronald Clifford Haas
Charles C. Hafter
Gladys B. Hafter
Annie Beer Hahn
Hannah Hahn
Joe Hahn
Mamie R. Hahn
Maurice R. Hahn
Morris Hahn
Renee Fuhrer Haimsohn
Austin Arthur Halle, Jr.
Dorothy Sternberg Halle
Evelyn Isenberg Halle
Lelia Bensinger Halle
Albert Z. Halperin
Anna Rosenberg Halperin
Lawrence Marvin Halperin
Pola Rothberg Halperin
Frank Haltzman
Robert E. Harmel
Dena Alper Hann
Sol S. Hann
Rosa Rosenthal Hannach
Abe Everett Hanover
David Hanover
Dena Friedman Hanover
Ethel Moskovitz Hanover
Jay Alan Hanover
Jerome Howard Hanover
Selma Cohen Hanover
Albert Morris Harmel
Ben Harmel
Fannie Harmel
Jane Jacobson Harmel
Paul G. Harmel
Abram J. Harris
Arnold B. Harris
Clarice Barnett Harris
Dave G. Harris
Dora S. Harris
Herman Harris
Sara B. Harris
Theresa Harris
William H. Harris
Gustine Geibel Hartfield
Irma Heldman Hartfield
Jess B. Hartfield
Monroe J. Hartfield
Lillyan Scharff Haspel
Maurice Haspel
Sala Haspel
Sam M. Haspel
Sam Haspel, Sr.
Albert Hattendorf
Jane Levy Hattendorf
Bertha Solomon Hayden
Samuel Francis Hayden
Alice May Heath
Helen Hecht
Esther Cohen Hefter
Maurice N. Hefter
Solomon M. Hefter
Bernard David Heifetz
Rose Levinsohn Heifetz
Anna Myerson Heilbron
Charles Heilbron
Recha Heilbrunn
Julia Schwartz Heller
Clarence Henochsberg
Herbert Herff
Jeanette Bieber Herman
Maurice R. Herman
Cecil W. Herrman
Isadore Herrman
Jessie Waterman Herrman
Mildred Rosenhein Herrman
Morris Herrman
Albert C. Herzberg
Albert Jacob (AJ) Herzberg
Rose Dorothy Herzberg
Sadye Goldsmith Herzberg
Hilda Jacobson Herzbrun
Bertha Eisman Hess
Dave Hess
Emil Hess
Jennie Hess
Miriam Hess
Ike Heyman
Jacob Block Heyman
Jennye Rieman Heyman
Mansford Heyman
Ray Sternberger Heyman
Charlotte Cristil Hiller
David Hiller
Effie Greener Hiller
Margaret Lee Hiller
Nathan Joseph Hiller
Minnie Badanis Himelhoch
Samuel Simon Himelhoch
Irving Louis Himes
Blossom K. Hinchin
Carol F. Bach Hinchin
Rabbi Martin Hinchin
Adele Hirsch
Alan Phillip Hirsch
Emile Voltaire Hirsch
Eric D. Hirsch
Irma Lesser Hirsch
Joseph Hirsch
Leah Aschaffenburg Hirsch
Lucille Pearlman Hirsch
Michael H. Hirsch
Pauline Weil Hirsch
Sadie Sally Hirsch
Samuel Hirsch
Serette Hirsch
Solomon Hirsch
Jacqueline Friedlander Hirsh
Robert Emanuel Hirsh
Carrie Rose Hirshman
Joseph Albert Hirshman
Louis E. Hirshman
Samuel H. Hirshman
Sherry Robyn Hirstreet
Carl Hochman
Arthur Hochmann
Bertha F. Hochmann
Carrie Lebolt Hochstadter
Jennie Fies Hochstadter
Harry S. Hochstein
Ruth K. Hochstein
Myrna Hodge
Frances Mayer Hoffman
Irma Carrie Hoffman
Leon Hoffman
Melanie Hoffman
Pelagie Hoffman
A. E. Hohenberg
Dorothy Kayser Hohenberg
Adelhaid Ullman Hohenemser
Jacob Hohenemser
Julia Deutsch Hohenemser
Julius Hohenemser
Florette Hecht Hollander
Irwin Robert Hollander
Dr. Sheila Ruth Hollander
Alma L. Holz
Ethel Hutkin Horn
Beverly Cooper Howard
Annie Lewis Hutkin
David Lewis Hutkin
Evelyn Scadron Hutkin
Mike Hutkin
Edith Kahn Hyam
Joseph H. Hyam
Samuel Hyman


Fani “Feighe” Fainaru
Paul Iacobovici
Marjorie Kohl Inglis
Annie Lowenthal Isaacs
Charles Isaacs
Isabelle Lewis Isaacs
Lewis Barnett “Pat” Isaacs
Lewis “Pat” Isaacs
Max Isaacs
Mildred Barnett Isaacs
Joseph Isaacson
Lena Isaacson
Nat S. Isaacson
Benjamin Isenberg
Carrye W. Isenberg
Freda Isenberg
Frieda Goldkrand Isenberg
Hyman Isenberg
Julie Bensdorf Isenberg
Norman Isenberg
Saul Isenberg
Esther Shurman Isenburg
Sam Isenburg
Sylvia Beatrice Isenburg
Fannie Izenberg


Gertrude J. Jacobs
Milton H. Jacobs
Nora Schlesinger Jacobs
Sam Jacobs
Marcel Jacobsen
Regina Meta Jacobsen
Ben H. Jacobson
Bertha Jacobson
Etta Levy Jacobson
Harry H. Jacobson
Dr. Hiram B. Jacobson
Hugh Jacobson
Ida Jacobson
Jenny Alice Jacobson
Dr. Joseph Jacobson
Lena O. Jacobson
Lena Trivas Jacobson
Louis Jacobson
Nettie Picard Jacobson
Sallie Cohen Jacobson
Sam Jacobson
Sam Jacobson
Sara D. Jacobson
Theresa Weiss Jacobson
Eli Jaffe
Sam Jaffe
Leo R. Jalenak, Sr.
Reha Lichterman Jalenak
Louis Jason
William J. Jason
Marx Jeffer
Sarah Karno Jeffer
Lucille Wexler Jenkins
Deborah Jiedel
Ida Rosenberg Jiedel
Jacob Jiedel
Julius Jiedel
Bettie Bauer Johns
Dorothy Johns
Mose B. Johns
A. “Tutts” Joseph
Aaron Joseph
Delphine Joseph
Joseph Joseph
Kate Marie Joseph
Marie Tobias Joseph
Maurice B. Joseph


Betty S. Kabakoff
David Emanuel Kabakoff
Frances Himelhoch Kabakoff
Harry Kabakoff
Helen Miller Kabakoff
Mannie Kabakoff
Aubrey John Kahn
Aubrey Milton Kahn
Charles Rosenhein Kahn
Frank Kahn, Sr.
Freda Joseph Kahn
Herbert S. Kahn
Dr. Jacob Kahn
Leo Kahn
Lillian Rosenhein Kahn
Maxine Meyer Kahn
Myrtle Sternberger Kahn
Ruth Joan Manis Kahn
Sally Goldman Kahn
Sara B. Applebaum Kahn
Sidney L. Kahn, Jr.
Bessie Kalin
Carol Bernatsky Kalin
Dr. Aida Kalish
Abe Kaminsky
Becky Fargotstein Kaminsky
Bobbie Feibelman Kaminsky
Freida Wainman Kaminsky
Morris J. Kaminsky
Philip G. Kaminsky
Roberta Goldfine Kaminsky
Dorothy Oland Kantin
George Kantin
Beatrice Kantor
Sidney Kantor
Hilda Krovetz Kapell
John Kapell
Abe Lew Kaplan
Barbara Kantor Kaplan
Bernard Kaplan
Bertha Kaplan
Bertie Kaplan
Dr. Edward Steven Kaplan
Ernest Ray Kaplan
Ida Kaplan
Ida Gleitzman Kaplan
Jack Kaplan
Dr. Jerry Kaplan
Joseph Kaplan
Julius M. Kaplan
Leo Kaplan
Marianne U. Kaplan
Maurice Kaplan
Max Kaplan
Max B. Kaplan
Mildred Karp Kaplan
Pauline Baskind Kaplan
Pearl Goldberg Kaplan
Robert Kaplan
Rose Kaplan
Sadye Kaplan Kaplan
Samuel M. Kaplan
Sarah Kaplan
Sol Kaplan
Rabbi Solomon Kahn Kaplan
Dr. Stanley Baruch Kaplan
Sylvia F. Kaplan
Violet Kaplan
Aaron Karchmer
Fannie Gilbert Karchmer
Gertrude Karchmer
Gilbert Karchmer
Isidore Earnest Karchmer
Rena Waller Karchmer
Samuel Karchmer
Minnie Lippman Karnosky
Charles Karp
Rebecca Ruth Karp
Louisa Rutstein Karsh
Lydia Gold Kaset
Mose Kaset
Clara Brody Kashdan
Louis Kashdan
Alfred S. Kasselberg
Beulah Kahn Kasselberg
Dr. Lyman A. Kasselberg
Mary Love Cox Kasselberg
Arthur H. Katz, Jr.
Charles Joseph Katz
Donna Davis Katz
Harry Katz
Dr. Harry C. Katz
Herman Katz
Irving Katz, Sr.
Jack Katz
Joseph Katz
Leo Katz
Marie Weil Katz
Morris Katz
Nina Katz
Rose Katz
Rose London Katz
Rudy Katz
Sara Maharik Katz
Sarah Marie Katz
Sophie Katz
Trudy Bamberger Katz
Bess Bloomfield Katzen
Eli Katzen
Abraham Kaufman
Annie Nathan Kaufman
Bernard Kaufman, Jr.
Bernard Kaufman, Sr.
Bertha Kaufman
Celia Kaufman
Edward Kaufman
Florence Kaufman
Gladys Cohen Kaufman
Hilda Annye Weil Kaufman
Hilda Baskind Kaufman
Irwin Morton Kaufman
Jacquelyn Moyse Kaufman
June Schwartz Kaufman
Lillie Shapero Kaufman
Lizzie Rieman Kaufman
Marion Schatz Kaufman
Maya June Kaufman
Morris A. Kaufman
Nathan Simon Kaufman
Rosa Kaufman
Sadie Kaufman
Simon Kaufman
Sheree Star Kay
Lida Nicholls Kayser
Wendell Howard Kayser
Bertha Wolfe Kellerman
J. Lou Kellerman
Meyer Kelman
Paula Regina Kelman
Julius Franklin Kenney, Jr.
Evelyn Levi Kern
Halle Simon Kern
Mollie Brush Kerstine
Adolph Kerstine
Fred Kesselman
Sally Kesselman
Edward Israel Kessler
LaVerne Needleman Kessler
Doris Strauss Kiersky
Eva Rosenberg Kiersky
Frances Bilder Kiersky
J. Hubert Kiersky
Louis Gronauer Kiersky
Irving Jack Kirsch
Joe Manis Kirsch
Melvyn Harris Kirsch
Philip Louis Kirsch
Rose Brown Kirsch
Albert E. Kisber
Albert Greener Kisber
Elinor J. Kisber
Florence Ray Kisber
Harry Kisber
Janet Kahn Kisber
Joseph S. Kisber
Mary Eagle Kisber
Dr. Richard Harlan Kisber
Robert Kahn Kisber
Armin Klein
Belle Rosenstein Klein
Bertha S. Klein
Dena Pearl Klein
Dorothy Klein
Emanuel Klein
Ester Klein
Henry Klein
Henry Arthur Klein
Jack Klein
Joe Klein
King Klein
Leah Klein
Lena Tuska Klein
Louis S. Klein
Marcus David Klein
Dr. Marvin Lewis Klein
Syd B. Klein
Vera Barton Klein
Albert I. Kleinman
Adele B. Kline
Anne B. Kline
Louis I. Kline
Robert Paul Kline
Fannie Klitzner
Isabel Singer Klitzner
Rabbi Jacob Klitzner
Joseph I. Klitzner
Louis Allen Klitzner
Martin Paul Klitzner
Rebecca Meriwether
Cooper Klyce
Dr. Fred I. Klyman
Lillian Levey Knopp
Stephen Michael Knopp
Albert Joseph Kochman
Emma Shilstat Kochman
Gertrude S. Kochman
Jay Sidney Kochman
Jo Ann Edelson Kochman
Norman Kochman
Jeanne Katz Kohl
Stephen Robert Kohl
Benjamin William Kohn
Blanche Kohn
Helen Bernstein Kohn
Haiman Kohn
Joseph Kohn
Rebecca Kohn
Sadie C. Kohn
Lorraine Graber Kolker
Ethel Goodman Kopald
Jack W. Kopald
S L Kopald, Jr.
S L Kopald, Sr.
Joe Koplon
Albert I. Korenblat
Eva Lane Korenblat
Berthold Kornick
Deborah Rossett Kornick
Dr. Sheldon Bernard Korones
Florence Korr
William Jay Korr
Chester Neal Kossman
Juliet Jacobs Kossman
S. Edward Kossman, Sr.
Clara Adler Kotler
Solomon Frederick Kotler
Antoinette Frank Krakaur
Louis A. Krakaur
Lula Davis Krakaur
Meyer Krakaur
Evelyn Abroms Kraus
Jeanne Beverly Price Kraus
Dr. Melvin Marcus Kraus
Arline Krelstein
Carol Benthall Krelstein
Fannie Zlotsky Krelstein
Harold R. Krelstein
Richard Krelstein
Rose Brandeis Krelstein
Victor Krelstein
Flora Myers Kremer
Merrill Kremer, Jr.
Merrill Kremer, Sr.
Robert H. Kremer
Sylvia Harris Kremer
Jennie Wiener Kriechman
Dr. Abe Kriegel
Harry Louis Krieger
Kathy Krieger
Abe Herman Kriger
Aimee Herzberg Kriger
Esther Katz Kriger
Leon David Kriger
Abe Krivcher
Annie P. Krivcher
Ezra Krivcher
Hyman A. Krivcher
Jill Eileen Krivcher
John Krivcher
Joseph Krivcher
Marie Cohen Krivcher
Robert Russell Krivcher
Sonya Alperin Krivcher
Stephen Lawrence Kroul
Henrietta Kuhn
Hermine Bacharach Kuhn
Augusta Kullman
Frieda Eiseman Kullman
Isaac Kullman
Jacob Kullman
Louis Kullman
Minnie Kullman
Myriam Sacks Kullman
Frieda Eisemann Kullmann
Bernie M. Kustoff


Dr. Alvin M. Labens
Harry Labens
Lillian Hochstein Labens
Rebecca Novick Labens
Marjorie M. Laemmermann
Robert F. Laemmermann
Marion Pepper Lait
Saul Lait
Dorothy Gronauer Laitman
Edwin M. Laitman
Frieda Lambert
Joseph Lambert
Bessie Alperin Landau
Rudolph Landau
Abe D. Landecker
Carolyn Bry Landecker
George Landres
Harry G. Landres
Kenneth Brian Lang
Daria Jekels Lansbury
William H. Lansbury
Alvin Lansky
Beth Sheila Lansky
Doris Gerber Lansky
Irvin Lansky
Abe Lapides
Bernard Lapides
Elizabeth Lapides
George Maury Lapides
Henrietta Lapides
Henry Lapides
Jacob Lapides
Mark Alan Lapides
Mildred Heyman Lapides
Mildred Roselyn Lapides
Shirley Wurzburg Lapides
Lena Kornfeld Lapidus
Samuel Lapidus
Badana Sofer Lasnick
Herman Lasnick
Adolph A. Laucheimer
Ida Adler Laucheimer
Beatrice Scharff LaVene
Charles Lewis LaVene
Dorothy Lazar
Irving Lazar
Alvin (Buddy) Lazarov
Bennie Lazarov
Daneel Suzanne “Suzie”
Shainberg Lazarov
Joe Lazarov
Paul G. Lazarov
Sarah Kaminsky Lazarov
Sidney Lazarov
Steven Alan Lazarov
Bernard E. Lazarus
Dr. Edward Joseph Lazarus
Janice Carolyn Greif Lazarus
Minnie Simon Lazarus
Sondra Schaffer Lazarus
Beatrice Leach
Ida Ernstein Lebo
I. C. Lebolt
Abner Lebovitz
Joseph Aaron Lebovitz
Sara Gordon Lebovitz
Ben J. Lee
Ernest L. Lee, Sr.
Irmazell H. Lee
Mildred S. Lee
Reva Gordon Lee
Stanley M. Lee
Rachel Flattau Leeker
Samuel Leeker
Ruth Leila Hazel Lefkovits
Celia Ottenheimer Lehman
Elsie Hirsch Lehman
Fannie W. Lehman
Felix Lehman
Fred I. Lehman
Gustav Lehman
Henry Hirsch Lehman
Herbert Felix Lehman
Jettie Rubenstein Lehman
Leopold Lehman
Leo Leibson
Jack Leitner
Alma Baker Lerner
Bertha Cohen Lerner
Esther Lipsky Lerner
Eugene Leo Lerner, Jr.
Dorothy Wurzburg Lerner
Eugene L. Lerner
Felicia Summerfield Lerner
Jacob Bernard Lerner
Louis Lerner
Maxene Peres Lerner
Patricia Shapero Lerner
Reta Hess Lerner
Syd M. Lerner, Sr.
Elias Leshnower
Harry F. Leshnower
Dorothy Kirschner Less
Leon Less
Ben Lesser
Dorothy L. Lesser
Emma Cone Lesser
Leah Lesser
Arthur Eli Lettes
Hannah K. Lettes
Louis Lettes
Harry Levenson
Shirley Hirsh Levenson
Mabel Joseph Leventhal
Seymour Leventhal
Ben H. Levey
Ike Levey
Jack Joseph Levey
Mollie Stone Levey
Natalie K. Levey
Annie Rosenthal Levi
Betty Scott Levi
Dora Lehman Levi
Esther M. Levi
Isaac M. Levi
Leon Charles Levi
Lucille R. Levi
Malcolm A. Levi
Milli Levi
Sigmund Myers Levi
Arline Jacobs Levin
Bernard Mayer Levine
Charles Samuel Levine
Deborah Ann Ekeland Levine
Edith Rosenthal Levine
Jean S. Levine
Julius Levine
Kenneth Levine
Louis Levine
Lucille Rubel Levine
Martin S. Levine
Ross Michael Levine
Stuart G. Levine
Sumner I. Levine
Samuel Irving LeVine
Zachary Daniel LeVine
Henry Levinson
Jule Lester Levinson
Rabbi Stephen Neil Levinson
Sara Peltz Levinson
David Levison
Eve Levison
Ervin H. Levit
Jean Grossman Levit
Yetta Schuman Levit
Sam Levit
Anne Goldstein Levitch
Charlotte Serenco Levitch
Ida Mae Levitch
Lena Feingold Levitch
Capt. Milton H. Levitch
Sadie Levitch
Samuel Levitch
Alfred Levy
Allan Michel Levy
Alvin Abe Levy
Belle Baron Levy
Beretz Levy
Bernard Hiram Levy
Caryne Levy
Cecil Stein Levy
Cherie Freeman Levy
Earl Leo Levy
Edgar Sidney Levy
Elise Hohenemser Levy
Fernand K. Levy
Dr. Gilbert Joseph Levy
Hannah Adler Levy
Hazel B. Levy
Henrietta Levy
I. Alfred Levy
Ida Binder Levy
Ida Cohen Levy
Ida Stein Levy
Irma Menkel Levy
Isaac Levy
J. Lawrence Levy
Jacob Levy
Jacques Levy
James W. Levy
Jean Lightman Levy
Joseph B. Levy
Julius Levy
Julius Joseph Levy
Lawrence S. Levy
Leo E. Levy
Lillie Maienthal Levy
Louis Levy
Dr. Louis Levy
Ludwig H. Levy
Madeline B. Levy
Mathilda Adler Levy
Max Levy
Max S. Levy, Jr.
Max S. Levy, Sr.
Ralph Levy
Rosa S. Levy
Roslyn Applebaum Levy
Rozetta Levy
Sadye Hess Levy
Sidney Levy
Yetta Levy
Abe B. Lewis
Ben Charles Lewis
Charles Samuel Lewis
Courtney Lewis, Jr.
Courtney Lewis, Sr.
Dorothy Silverstein Lewis
Elise Goodman Lewis
Estelle Lerner Lewis
Everett Don Lewis
Fannie Ernstein Lewis
Florence Jacobson Lewis
H. Kirke Lewis
Hannah Rubin Lewis
Henry J. Lewis
Hubert Raymon Lewis
Irene Levy Lewis
James Marshall Lewis, Sr.
Jennie Lewis
Joseph Lewis
Julius Lewis
Julius David Lewis
Julius J. Lewis
Larry Lewis
Lawrence Lewis
Lena Sarsar Lewis
Louise Frank Lewis
Louise Ottenheimer Lewis
Marcus Lewis
Maurice I. Lewis
Myron Lewis
Ollie Brown Lewis
Pauline Levy Lewis
Sol Lewis
Courtney Jane Lewis-Hale
Elizabeth Libby
Annette Webber Lichterman
Arthur Otto Lichterman
Daniel B. Lichterman
Diane Lichterman
Herbert Henry Lichterman
Ira J. Lichterman
Martin J. Lichterman, Sr.
Sanford “Sandy” Lichterman
Carol Lieberman
Lawrence Lieberman
Sylvia Barnett Lieberman
Sylvia Bloom Liebman
Carol Saks Lightman
Celia Sapinsley Lightman
Jean Sands Lightman
Jeanne Garretson Lightman
M. A. Lightman, Jr.
M. A. Lightman, Sr.
Mildred Hirsch Linder
Hugo Lindheim
Lore Lindheim
Mathilda Bachenheimer Lindheim
Gladys Strasberg Lindy
Herman Louis Lindy
Edith Linkon
Julius Lion
Regina Lion
Louis Lipkowitz
Barbara K. Lipman
Belle Ackerman Lipman
Cecilia Sklut Lipman
Fannie Lipman
Ida Lipman
Ira A. Lipman
Isaac Lipman
Louis Lipman
Mark Lipman
Mary Lipman
Sara Lipman
Yetta Lipman
Dorothy Carlton Lippman
Isaac Lippman
Pauline Lippman
Florence Silberstein Lipsitz
Louis J. Lipsky
Dr. Irving E. Listengart
Aron Livnah
Segall Livnah
Henry Loeb, Sr.
Esther Feldman Loevy
Florence Caplan Loevy
Leopold Loevy
William Loevy
Ferdinand Loewenberg
Johanna Selka Loewenberg
Ruth Friedman Loewenberg
William A. Loewenberg
Harry Sidney Loket
Minnie Samuels Loket
Nathan Loskovitz
Rena Wagner Loskovitz
Arlyne Angel Lovett
Howard B. Lovett
Evelyn Feit Lowenberg
Marie R. Lowenstein
Wm. P. Lowenstein
Isabel Lowenthal
Joseph Lowenthal
Joseph Grosman “J.G.”
Kathleen Scharff Lowenthal
Susie Grosman Lowenthal
Irving Aron Lurie
Michael Lee Lurie
Murray Lurie
Tillie Sopkin Lurie
Leonard Lynch
Martin Bennett Lynch
Fredrick Eliot Lynn
Zelda Halper Lynn
Fanny Brody Lyon
Herbert Lyon


Chaim Ber Magdovitz
Fannie Baker Magdovitz
Hilda Reisman Magdovitz
Jennie Samelson Magdovitz
Joseph A. Magdovitz
Barnett Magids
Charles Magids
Fannie N. Magids
Jack Steven Magids
Samuel Bernard Magids
Ann Ashner Magnus
Edward Magnus
Melanie Ann Magnus
Jack Magun
Loraine Gordon Magun
Simon Mahareck
Jacob I. Maienthal
Minnie Levi Maienthal
Stella Sternberger Maienthal
Libby Rose Makowsky
Annie Ettingoff Malkin
Arthur B. Malkin
Esther Goldberg Malkin
Hubert “Maury” Malkin
Lt. Leo Malkin
Sam Malkin
Benny David Manis
Charles Manis
Irving Manis
Jeffrey H. Manis
Julia Levin Manis
Clauriese Underberg Mann
James Mann
Rita H. Mannheimer
Charles M. Mansbach II
Ellen Gould Schatzkin Mansbach
Harry H. Mansbach
Marie Altschul Mansbach
Emanuel “Buddy” Mansberg
Hulda Wexler Mansberg
Roy Nathan Mansberg
Carrie Anne Marcus
Fannie Franklin Margolin
Joseph Margolin
Sam Margolis
Sarah “Sunny”
Gillenson Margolis
Dr. Hanna Margulies
Simon Margulies
Ida Markell
Joanne Loewenberg Markell
Mike Markell
Carlon Sternberger Marks
Doris L. Marks
Edwin Meyer Marks
Jefferson Davis Marks
Jefferson Davis Marks, Sr.
Lee E. Marks
Ruth Propp Marks
Samuel M. Marks
Selma Siegman Marks
Sylvia Goldsmith Marks
William Richard Marks
Alvin Julius Marx
Florence Gates Marx
Abe May
Harold Jerome May
Carl Mayer
Hortense Halle Mayer
Julia Borodofsky Mayer
Maurice William Mayer
Mildred Landman Mayer
Helen Sternberger Mayor
Isaac Mayor
Ruby Mayor
Samuel A. Mayor
Leslie Rose McLean
Lily Mechanic
Charles I. Mednikow
David Mednikow
Dorothy M. Mednikow
Fannie L. Mednikow
Jacob H. Mednikow
John Henry Mednikow
Steve “Buddy” Mednikow
Doris Mela
Kaethe Mela
Paul Mela
Morris Meltzer
Estella Menke
Hubert Stanwood Menke
Isaac Menke
Joseph S. Menke
Mollye Bloom Mervis
Ralph Leonard Mervis
Hortense Scharff Metzger
Mannie Metzger
Otto Metzger
Dr. Alphonse Herman
Meyer, Jr.
Bessie Bernstein Meyer
Clara Propp Meyer
Dr. David Meyer
Emanuel Meyer
Esther F. Meyer
Flora Schwartz Meyer
George W. Meyer
Gregory Hays Meyer
Janis Hays Meyer
Melvin Meyer
Myron Propp Meyer
Richard Meyer
Robert Sidney Meyer
Rose Block Meyer
Solomon Meyer
Betty Meyere
Gaston Meyere
Fannye Saenger Meyers
Max Meyers
Eleanor Heninger Michael
Amyee Winston Michel
Bernhard Martin Michel
Max Michel, Jr.
Max Michel, Sr.
Rose Fisher Michel
Gloria Menke Michelstetter
Anna Mielstein
Isadore Mielstein
Aaron Miller
Ben Miller
Bob Miller
David Henry Miller
Floy Sachritz Miller
Fred N. Miller
Helen Ross Miller
Herbert Raymond Miller
Herman Miller
Hilda Rosengarten Miller
Jake Miller
John Miller
Kate Levy Miller
Laura Miller
Laurie Ruth Miller
Lillian Feurerman Miller
Maurice Miller
Milton Miller
Rabbi Milton Gerald Miller
Richard Dennis Miller
Bernard Milstein
Helen Milstein
Jerome Cohen Mimeles
Sylvia Black Mimeles
Harvey H. Mintz
Ida Feinstein Mintz
Celia Lopaty Mirotsnic
Marcus Mogy
Harry H. Mook
Abe H. Morganstein
Harry Morganstein
Ida Sudvarg Morganstein
Jennie Morganstein
Libbie Morganstein
Meyer Morganstein
Milton Morganstein
Annie Rosensweig Morris
Dianne Gallant Morris
Isaac Morris
Lena Morris
Lynnette Potlitzer Morris
Melville Charles Morris
Minnie Morris
Mose Morris
Ray Morris
Sam H. Morris
Samuel Morris
Theresa Morris
Jennie Moses
Rachel Moses
Herman Moskovitz
Lenamay Simon Moskowitz
Alfred Henry Moss
Bessie Motchan
David Motchan
Israel Motchan
Albert Moyer
Bernard “Nutty” Moyer
Charles David Moyer
Harold Moyer
Lois Lurie Moyer
Rose Schear Moyer
Roy M. Moyer
John William Myar
Sam A. Myar, Jr.
Sam A. Myar, Sr.
Arnold Myers
Brane Myers
Frances Myers
Henry Myers
Hyman Myers
Ida S. Myers
Isaac Charles Myers
Isaac L. (Ike) Myers
Jacob David Myers
Marjorie Sabel Myers
Mayer Myers
Morris Myers
Sarah Myers
Stella Virginia Myers


David Nathan
David Neal Nathan
Mathilde Lowenstein Nathan
Milton B. Nathan
Ray Nathan
Doris S. Nathanson
Irving Nathanson
Mary Cohen Nathanson
Mildred Louise Needleman
Betty Stark Neuhausen
Lois Kaufman Nevin
Joseph Newburger
Martin J. Newburger
Ronna Karchmer Newburger
Rose Cohen Newburger
Aline Goldsmith Newman
Carrie Angel Newman
Isa Newman
Marie Stuart Newman
Lt. Raymond D. Ney
Fannie Delugach Notowitz
Ida Schmideck Notowitz
Joshua Notowitz
Leo Notowitz
Max Notowitz
Nina Notowitz
Bertha Leader Novick
Meyer Novick
Morton Harold Novick


Elizabeth Jacobs Ochs
Dr. Frank Anthony Ognibene
Jack Oland
Adeline D. Olswanger
Anna Horwitz Olswanger
D. Melvin Olswanger, Sr.
Isaac Jacob Olswanger
Martin Graber
(Marty) Olswanger
Mel Olswanger, Jr.
Alvin Meyer O’Mell
Herbert Sydney O’Mell
Max O’Mell
Max O’Mell
Ruth Meyer O’Mell
Arnold Opler
Ellenore Harris Opler
Leon Stanford Oppenheimer
Rudolph S. Oppenheimer
Sadie Siegman Oppenheimer
Sarilee Optican
Aaron Benjamin Orgel
Dorothy Elkas Orgel
Richard Elkas Orgel
Rose Lasnick Orgel
Lt. Col. Samuel Zalich Orgel
Eddie Oser
Ida Katchen Oser
Bernie Ostrov
Jean Ostrov
Morris William Ostrov
Fanny Schwartz Ottenheimer
Florence Rosenbush Ottenheimer
Ike Ottenheimer
Louis Ottenheimer
Gordana Ana Ozmo


Fannie Zuckerman Padawer
Michael Sidney Pahn
Fredda Jean Pailet
Milton Pailet
Belle Panich
Ike Panich
Sara Panich
Henrietta Yo Panitz
Izzy Panitz
Adele A. Pape
Sigfried Pape
Ely Paris
Jeffrey H. Paris
May Frazer Paris
Sylvia Smoller Paris
Bianca Kling Pasternack
Herman Pasternack
Anna Paul
Arthur Paul
Jacob O. Paul
Mabel B. Paul
Roland Paul
Marcia Levinson Pear
Charles Sanford Pear
Saul Charles Pearl
Elliott Pearlman
Raia P. Pearlman
Donald Pelts
Irvin Henry Pelts
Marshall Alan Pelts
Minnie Schear Pelts
Sam Pelts
Thelma Simon Pelts
Freida Usdan Penchan
Abraham Pepper
Maurine Levinson Pepper
Gary Allen Perel
Jan Perel
Joseph Perel
Lillian L. Perel
Philip Alexander Perel
Russell Joseph Perel
Selma Riff Perel
Hardwig Peres
Israel H. Peres
Rabbi Jacob J. Peres
Pauline Hirsch Peres
Annie Iacobovici Peret
Dr. Jean Peret
Arnold Perl
Joseph G. Perl
Anna Klein Perlberg
Ide Leban Perlberg
Lawrence Jay Perlberg
Nathan Perlberg
Sidney Perlberg
Bailie Perlman
Cecilia Lynne Perlman
Frank Perlman
Leah Schultz Perlman
Louis Perlman
Mary Perlman
Milton Perlman
Rochelle Lynne Rosen Perlman
Saul Perlman
Helen Rose Springer Pesses
Leonard Petkun
Ann Loskovitz Phillips
Louis Phillips
Henrietta Seelig Picard
Milton C. Picard
Milton C. Picard, Sr.
Frank Pierce
J. Harvey Pierce
Jean Ettman Pierce
Mollie Bearman Pierce
Elizabeth Pinstein
Florence Pinstein
Leo Pinstein
Morris Pivnick
Rachel Cooper Platkin
Ray Platkin
Bertha Cohen Plesofsky
Dr. Jacob Plesofsky
Morris R. Plesofsky
Pauline Needleman Plesofsky
Abe Plough
Barney Barnett Plough
Betty Shurman Plough
Jocelyn Cohn Plough
Julia Isaacs Plough
Maurice David Plough, Sr.
Moses Plough
Rhetta Falk Plough
Rose Merry L. Plough
Sam Plough
Lillian B. Podell
Nathan H. Podell
Emily Fargotstein Poe
Dr. Friedrich Pollak
Irma Schwarz Pollak
Theodore Pollak
Rosa Lee Polskee
Bertha Steiner Pope
Lester Max Poppenheimer
David Martin Poulin
Jon Charles Poulin
Alwina Loewenberg Powell
Samuel Mendel Powell
Beirne M. Prager, Jr.
Beirne M. Prager, Sr.
Hortense Zacharias Prager
Gladys Block Blecker Press
Beatrice W. Price
Edward A. Price
Larry Sanford Price
Lillian Paul Price
Louis Price
Paul J. Price
Rose Schear Price
Sara Kaufman Price
Ida Anette Prince
Louis Prince
Pearl Prince
Dixie Eldridge Prins
Frank Leon Prins
Frank Leon Prins, Jr.
Velma Daniel Prins
Betty Sachs Prousnitzer
Philip Charles Prousnitzer
Gloria Marlene Gerwin Pucher


Samuel Ezra Rabinovitz
Annie M. Radgesky
Jacob C. Radgesky
Ralph Mayer Radin
Clara Goldenblank Raff
Morris Raff
Reeda Korenblat Raff
Emilie Goldberger Ratner
Ida Hanover Ratner
Irving Jacob Ratner
Marvin Lee Ratner
A. Lincoln Rauch
Harry Rauch
Lena Rauch
Louis Rauch
Pauline Rauch
Sam A. Rauch
Sarah Rauch
Charles Rawitser
Emil Charles Rawitser
Harry Rawitser
Ida Dalsheimer Rawitser
Jacob Rawitser
Linna Kuhnert Rawitser
Louis Rawitser
Morris Rawitser
Rosa Rawitser
Morris Reagler
Rachel Zucker Reagler
Sarah Burgauer Regensburger
Jeffrey Allen Reif
Annie R. Reinberger
Dr. James Roland Reinberger
Gustav Reinhardt
Irma Reinhardt
Walter Irwin Reinhardt
Beverly Bachman Rose
Donna Rosenberg Reisman
Jerome Reisman
Julius Jacob Reisman
Lena Feldman Reisman
Libby Lee Reisman
Morris Reisman
Sam A. Reisman
Sylvia Hutkin Reisman
Wilhelmina Schwartz Reisman
Hilda Mednikow Reiss
Nathan Samuel Reiss
Abraham Reiter
Fanny Reiter
Murray Reiter
Edward Rembel
Stanley E. Rice
Joan Goodman Rich
Leon Rich, Jr.
Howard J. Richards
Abraham Wolf Richberger
Daniel Webster Richberger
George Richberger
I. B. Richberger
Leah Bauman Richberger
Mary Richberger
Stephanie Leigh Richman
Bennie Ridblatt
Eva Ridblatt
Morris Ridblatt
Phillip Ridblatt
Ray Ridblatt
Yetta Ridblatt
Adolph Rieman
Rosa Rieman
Carrie S. Riff
Joe D. Riff
Leonore Niegelberg Robbins
Axel Robins
Rita T. Robins
Betty Margolin Robinson
Frank Robinson
Herman J. Robinson
Nathan Robinson
Sarah Green Robinson
Mollie Friedlander Rodman
Frank Romeo, Sr.
Anna C. Roossin
Louis Roossin
Beverly Bachman Rose
Albert J. Rose
Edward I. Rose
Ida Rose
Leon S. Rose, Jr.
Shirley Scadron Rose
Ann A. Rosen
Leona Brahin Rosen
Nathan Rosen
Samuel Rosen
Saul M. Rosen
Dr. E. William Rosenberg
Ella Schwartz Rosenberg
Herbert Rosenberg
Miriam Rosenberg
Morris J. Rosenberg
Nellie Saevitz Rosenberg
Sara Rebecca Rosenberg
Seymour “Sy” Rosenberg
Ann F. Rosenblum
Samuel Balkin Rosenblum
William Rosenblum
Justin Rosenbusch
Frances Rosenbusch
Fred Rosenbush
Lizzie Maas Rosenbush
Meir Rosenbush
Estelle Scharff Rosenfield
William Bailey Rosenfield
Norton Rosengarten
Rosalie Beatus Rosengarten
Herbert L. Rosenhein
Julian Slager Rosenhein
Regina Latour Rosenhein
Rosa Cohen Rosenhein
Samis Wolf Rosenhein
Samuel J. Rosenhein
Winifred B. Rosenhein
Albert Rosenstein
Alfred Thomas Rosenstein
Emanuel D. Rosenstein
Frances Theresa Rosenstein
I. B. Rosenstein
Johanna Rosenstein
Leo Rosenstein
Mathilda Rosenstein
Theresa Rosenstein
Florane Rosenstone
Jerome Rosenstone
Lipmon Rosensweig
Alan Shirley Rosenthal
Belle Salinger Rosenthal
Benny Rosenthal
Charles Simon Rosenthal
David Rosenthal
Dr. David Edward Rosenthal
Esther Woolbert Rosenthal
Harry Rosenthal
Isacc Rosenthal
Jessica Hiller Rosenthal
Joe Rosenthal
Julia D. Rosenthal
Leah Malkin Rosenthal
Louis M. Rosenthal
May Gertrude Rosenthal
Mitchel H. Rosenthal
Pearl S. Rosenthal
Rosa Hausman Rosenthal
Ruth Landecker Rosenthal
Sam Rosenthal
Sophie Isaacs Rosenthal
Maury A. Rossen
Dorothy Ann Rossett
Ruth Leah Rossett
Louis Rossman
Sarah Greenfield Rossman
Dr. Albert Henry Rosten
Gertrude A. Roth
Hermoise Levy Roth
Idalia Roth
Louis Roth
Joseph Rothberg
Sophie Rothberg
Gladys Brown Rothman
James Brown Rothman
Bella Newberger Rothschild
Charles Rothschild
Charles Burk Rothschild
Deborah Eileen Rothschild
Lt. Edgar M. Rothschild, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Adler Rothschild
Julian Rothschild
Peggy Goodman Rothschild
Rebecca Rosenstein Rothschild
Stanley Simon Rothschild
Sylvia Burk Rothschild
Irvin C. Rovin
Florence Feldman Royal
Morris Royal
Elsie Kaufman Royer
Etta Buxbaum Rubel
Lee Rubel
Milton Frank Rubel, Jr.
Etta Mendelson Ruben
Henry Aaron “Hank” Ruben
Louis J. Ruben
Edward J. Rubens
Mildred Reagler Rubens
Dorothy L. Rubenstein
Fannie F. Rubenstein
Guy Rubenstein
Irving J. “Buddy” Rubenstein
Joe H. Rubenstein
Joseph M. Rubenstein
Rose Nochemson Rubenstein
Samuel Rubenstein
Theodore H. Rubenstein
Harry P. Rubert
Hetty J. Rubert
Joseph O. (Joe) Rubert
Edward Rubin
Elvis Levy Rubin
Frank L. Rubin
Ralph Rubin
Rebecca Rubin
Rosa Schlesinger Rubin
Samuel Rubin
Betty Sherman Rubinsky
Toby Rubinsky
Irving M. Rudd
Marvin Rudees
Rochelle Rudees
Harry Rudin
Alberta Isaacs Rudner
Annie Gordon Rudner
Dr. Henry Gordon Rudner, Jr.
Dr. Henry G. Rudner, Sr.
Jacob Rudner
Jocelyn Plough Rudner
Rosalie C. Rudner
William Barnett Rudner
Sharon Young Rushakoff
Dr. Hillel Ruskin
Celia Barnett Rutsky
Morris Rutsky
Estelle Jacobson Rutstein
Harold R. Rutstein


Irvin Sachritz
Abe Sachs
Blanche Kabakoff Sachs
James Zander Sachs
Louis Elliot Sachs
William Loeb Sachs
Isaac Sacks
Lillie Sacks
Myrtle Krissman Saldinger
Sam Saldinger
William Salenfriend
Lena Salinger
Bennie Salky
Jake Salky
Mary Toys Salky
Morris Salky
Dr. Nathan Kalmon Salky
Sarah Piltz Salky
Alan Gordon Salomon
Alvin B. Salomon
Bernice Seligstein Salomon
Edward M. Salomon
Grace Jesselson Salomon
Julius Salomon
Lorraine Gordon Salomon
Teddy Salomon
Vivian K. Salomon
Alvin M. Saltzman
Hilda Menke Saltzstein
Rosalie Felsenthal Samelson
Rabbi Max Samfield
Pauline Frank Samfield
Rosalind Samfield
Hillel Samisch
Miriam Deutsch Samisch
Annie Schatz Samuels
Helen J. Samuels
Henry Samuels
Dr. John Arnold Samuels
Louis Samuels
Miriam Wolf Samuels
Ann Allen Sandler
Max Sandler
Norman Sandler
Ronna Wilons Sandler
Susan Haspel Sanford
Molly Goltman Sashkin
Ellen R. Saslawsky
Sheldon Saslawsky
Helen Ney Sater
William Sater, Jr.
William Sater, Sr.
Annie Fisher Scadron
Ivis Josef Scadron
Morris Scadron
Gottlieb Schafer
Herman Schafer
Aaron R. Scharff, Jr.
Aaron R. Scharff, Sr.
Abe Scharff
Alfred M. Scharff
Anne Lasunsky Scharff
Annette Perley Scharff
Babette Wolff Scharff
Caroline Scharff
Celia Ray Rosenhein Scharff
Fanny Scharff
Gerson Scharff
Helen Hohenemser Scharff
I. G. Scharff
Isaak Scharff
Jacob Scharff
Jacob H. “Jake” Scharff
Joseph Scharff
Leon Scharff
Lillian Scharff
Max Scharff
Thelma Meyer Scharff
Helen Schear
Irving Scheer
Honey Hohenberg Scheidt
Friedl Scheidt
Oscar Scheidt
Rudi E. Scheidt
Dr. David Scheinberg
Israel Scheinberg
Mary Carch Scheinberg
Henry Schiff
Richard Nate Schiff
Yvette Beatus Schiff
Fred Friedrich Schiffman
Morris Kalman Schlemenson
Myrtle Glazer Schlemenson
Abe L. Schlesinger
Elise Cahn Schlesinger
FayEtta Wolfe Schlesinger
Florence Olswanger
Gilbert Adler Schlesinger
Lena Adler Schlesinger
Leo Schlesinger
Louis D. Schlesinger
Ludwig Schlesinger
Martin Schlesinger
Meta R. Schlesinger
Julia Tresan Schlosberg
David Schloss
Dorothy Jonap Schloss
Gilbert M. Schloss
Harry B. Schloss
Joseph Schloss
Polly Rosenthal Schloss
Rosa Jastrower Schloss
Samuel Schloss
Sarah Schloss
Isak Schnapp
Herbert J. Schnapper
Irving Schnapper
Lee Cantor Schnapper
Rachel Schnapper
Abe Schneider
Armand B. Schneider
Bertha Alabaster Schneider
Fannie Schneider
Harry Schneider
Leo Schneider
Max Schneider
Michael Phillip Schneider
Miriam Wollenberger
Jacoba Vera Schochat
Lenette Weinrit Schranze
Diana Freda Schreiber
Louis J. Schreiber
Samuel Schreier
Yetta Feld Schreier
Harry Schroff
Dr. Jerome Schroff
Rose Caroline Schroff
Bernhard Schulenklopper
Dora Schulenklopper
Edward Schultz
Abraham Schwab
Abram Joseph Schwab
Beatrice Hirsch Schwab
Camille Hirsch Schwab
Elias Ottenheimer Schwab
Fannie Johns Schwab
Gertrude Volman Schwab
Joe Hirsch Schwab
Leo Louis Schwab
Sam Schwab
Sarah Ottenheimer Schwab
Dr. Alan Schwartz
Albert Schwartz
Benjamin Schwartz
Benjamin Schwartz
Bertha Rosenstein Schwartz
Blanche Kaufman Schwartz
Cynthia Blanton Schwartz
Fannie Marble Schwartz
Gerda V. Schwartz
Henry Schwartz
Jerry Lee Schwartz
Joseph Schwartz
Leopold Schwartz
Louis Schwartz
Mathilda Baer Schwartz
Max Sigmund Schwartz
Max W. Schwartz
Mildred Schwartz
Minna Schwartz
Miriam Levi Schwartz
Morris Schwartz
Rachel Goldberg Schwartz
Rebecca Sheffler Schwartz
Richard Alan Schwartz
Rose Stein Schwartz
Sam Schwartz
Samuel H. Schwartz
Sara (Shane) Schwartz
Sarah Schwartz
Sarah Schwartz
Shirley Salky Schwartz
Sigmund Schwartz
Sigmund J. Schwartz
Charlotte Lottchen Schwarz
Emile Cohen Schwarz
Jay Schwarz
Louis Scott
Sally Fink Seawright
Abe Sebulsky
Celia Litsky Sebulsky
Eugene Sebulsky
Joseph Sebulsky
Dr. Lawrence Louis Sebulsky
Pauline Sebulsky
Ray Sebulsky
Ervin Joseph Seeman
Leah Levy Seeman
Elizabeth Baum Seessel
Janet Oppenheimer Seessel
Sam F. Seessel
Esther Hyman Segal
Bernard Segall
Greta Cohen Segall
Miriam Wurtzburger Seidman
Samuel Seldis
Alice Springer Seligman
Fanny Adler Seligman
Leo Martin Seligman
Solley Joe Seligman
Barney Seligstein
Barbara L. Seligstein
Dr. Milton B. Seligstein
Pauline Goodman Seligstein
Betty Schlesinger Sembler
Abe Serenco
Gertrude Hirsch Serenco
Perry William Sewel
Roy Arthur Sexton
Carolena Shahun
Leon Shahun, Jr.
Leon Shahun, Sr.
Suzanne Beyer Shahun
Herbert Shainberg
Jake Shainberg
Kathryn Brent Shainberg
Mariette Perel Shainberg
Mary S. Shainberg
Raymond Maury Shainberg
Rose S. Shainberg
Terry Hubert Shainberg
Toby Sturman Shainberg
Victor Stanley Shainberg
Eli N. Shamski
Ella T. Shamski
Irving J. Shanefield
Esther Plesofsky Shapero
Celia Goldberg Shapiro
David Shapiro
Joseph Shapiro
Kate Shapiro
Marilyn Shapiro
Morris Shapiro
Dr. Norman D. Shapiro
Rhoda Herrmann Shapiro
Scott Shapiro
Frieda Waxler Sharfman
Norton Julius Sharfman
Harold Sharpe
Samuel Sharpe
Sarah T. Sharpe
Gertrude K. Shaw
Ira Shaw
Jacob B. Shaw
Joseph H. Shaw
Ben Sheffler
Sarah Sheffler
Irving Ronald Shelton
Frank Sher
Ida Mosrow Sherer
Louis Sherer
B. D. Sherman
Helen Roseman Sherman
Howard L. Sherman
Paul Lawrence Sherman
Ronald Sherman, M.D.
Sara Stark Sherman
Elsie Franklin Shilstat
Max Shilstat
Dora Farber Shimony
Harold Shinbaum
Jacob Shine
Mary Chafetz Shine
Helen Simon Shlivek
May G. Shongood
Joseph David Shroder, Sr.
Louise Goltman Shroder
Sylvia Sandler Shulman
Clara P. Shurman
Courtney Shurman
Milton M. Shurman
Gladys F. Siegel
LaVerne Stein Siegel
Max Siegel
Dr. Saul Siegel
Sophie Rebecca Siegel
Abe Siegman
Dora Siegman
Esther Siegman
Ethelyn Meyer Siegman
Harry Siegman
Leon Siegman
Meyer Siegman
Milton B. Silberberg
Harry A. Silberman
Mark “Buddy” Silberman
Tillie Silberman
Beverly Gussow Silver
Melvin M. Silver
Sarah M. Silver
Yale Silverman
Naomi Mazur Silvermintz
Dr. Saul D. Silvermintz
Helen Karchmer Silverson
Herbert H. Silverson
Mary Wise Silverson
Maurice Ben Silverson
Pearl Schuman Silverson
Sam Silverson
Johanna Jiedel Silverstein
Leo Silverstein
Loma Silverstein
Ollie Silverstein
Abraham Simon
Anna Blecker Simon
Bessie Netter Simon
Edith I. Simon
Jennie Simon
Louis Simon
Linda Nathan Simon
Dr. Manuel S. Simon
Maurice L. Simon
Milton Simon
Rachel Kahn Simon
Rose Kohn Simon
Samuel Simon
Selma Bauer Simon
Stephen Howard Simon
Dora Engelberg Simpkins
Alice W. Sincoff
Jacob J. Sincoff
Sol Sincoff
Sophia S. Sincoff
Ben Singer
Henry Frank Singer
Lena Goodman Singer
Zelda Singer
LaVerne Lazarov Siskin
Milton Siskin, Sr.
Minette Gross Sissman
Dr. Paul R. Sissman
Frances R. Skaller
Maja Leroy Skaller
Benjamin Sklar
Sylvia Levingston Sklar
Sheldon Gilbert Skopp
Louise Goodman Skrainka
Hannah Hammer Slager
Samuel Slager
Gerald Slavney
Jeffrey Paul Slavney
Leo Morris Slavney
Ruth Katz Slavney
Sarah Lelchuk Slavney
Arthur Slome
Marianne Slome
Carol Cohen Slutsky
Amelia Rose Shahun Smith
Avron Meyer Smith
Debbie Lynn Smith
Margaret Wasson Smith
Melvin Morris Smith
Dr. Stuart Phillip Smith
Jay S. Snetman
Carol Rosenblum Snyder
Develling Yoffie Snyder
Martin Eugene Snyder
Rueben Snyder
Wayne Jeffrey Snyder
William M. Snyder
Harriet Sternberger Solmson
Harry B. Solmson, Jr.
Harry B. Solmson III
Abe Solomon
Eli Lewis Solomon
Esther Solomon
Esther Cossman Solomon
Dr. Lewis M. Solomon
Carrie Bickart Solomons
Isaac Maurice Solomons
Julius F. Sonn
Selma Foltz Sonn
Viola L. Sonneborn
Mary Sosh
Barbara Shapiro Sparks
Gertrude Sparks
Loren Stanley Sparks
Manny Sparks
Ben S. Spears
James E. (Hillel) Spears
Yetta Manis Speert
Otto Spiegel
Rose Meltzer Spiegel
Murray Asher Spindel
Florence Lazarus Spingarn
Dr. M. G. Spingarn
Avron Sonny Spiro
Fannie B. Springer
Harry Springer
Abraham Greenwald Squibb
Nancy Jean Cohn Stallings
Bernard Stamm
Sol L. Stamm
Lynette S. Starr
Addie Van Stavoren
Abraham Stein
Avis K. Stein
Caroline Stein
Frederick Stein
Frieda Young Stein
Levi Stein
Sidney Stein
Charles Steinberg
Siegfried Steinberg
Joseph H. Steiner
Josephine Pelts Steiner
Pope S. Steiner
Regina Rosenhein Steiner
Frieda Steinharter
Ellen Miller Sterman
Jeanne Freehling Sterman
Myron Julian Sterman
Robert A. Sterman
Avanell Stern
Beatrice Wolf Stern
Fan Wener Stern
Harriet Wise Stern
Henry Jacob Stern
Herbert Stern
Dr. Milton L. Stern
Neuton Samuel Stern
Ruby Goldberg Stern
Sol Stern
Dr. Thomas Neuton Stern
William H. Sternberg
David Sternberger
Harral Barnett Sternberger
Helen Shurman Sternberger
Irma Levy Sternberger
Joseph Sternberger II
Lawrence B. Sternberger
Lelia Levy Sternberger
Leon Sternberger, Jr.
Leon Sternberger, Sr.
Mabel G. Sternberger
Milton Alexander
Sternberger, Jr.
Milton A. Sternberger, Sr.
Peggy Goltman Sternberger
Peggy Hartfield Sternberger
William Gates Sternberger
Aaron Stiefel
Jeannette Ottenheimer Stiefel
Jules Stiffel
Sarah Rosenthal Stiffel
Philip Stillpass
Edna Stiman
Joel H. Stiman
Harry H. Stone
Mary D. Stone
Mary Sternshein Stout
Julius Strasberg
Leonard Julius Strasberg
Roberta Florman Strasberg
Irving Merrell Strauch
Rosabel Malkin Strauch
Dr. Samuel Lee Strauch
Carl Florsheim Strauss
Emil Strauss
Estelle Greener Strauss
Gerson David Strauss
Janye Levi Strauss
Maurice Florsheim Strauss
Meta Levy Strauss
Racille Rosenhein Strauss
Rosalie Sondheimer Strauss
Frieda Ann Stroh
Ida Salpeter Stroh
Morris Clifford Stroh
William Glazer Stroh
Deena Strome
Fannye B. Stuart
Joseph Paul Stuart
Dora Rothblatt Sturman
Louis Sturman
Fanny Ottenheimer Susskind
Kurt Sal Susskind
Martha Baer Susskind
Max Susskind
Gary “Jacob” Sutherland
Celia Waller Sutton
Heard H. Sutton
Max Isaac Sweeting


Stephen Ely Tabachnick
Shirley J. Taber
Nina Tamber
Belle Seesel Tamm
Nathan Anker Tamm
Phyllis Ellen Tamm
Sidney L. Tamm
Joseph Taub
Hannah Motchan Taubenblatt
Alfred Tauber
Madeline W. Tauber
Reta Schwartz Tauber
Sam Tauber
Samuel A. Teichner
Dr. Morton J. Tendler
Doris Zimmerman Tenenbaum
Carole C. Terwainis
Carolyn Gordon Thal
Dr. Erwin R. Thal
Bernice Kline Thalheimer
Leon B. Thalheimer
Hilda Rapport Thorp
Mitchell Leon Thorp
Claude August Titche
Claude August Titche, Jr.
Eva Rauch Titche
Gertrude Hanover Tivers
Nathan Tivers
Charles Todtman
Dorothy Stark Todtman
Claire Gruber Tritt
Bessie Zellner Tubias
Albert Turek
Dorothy Kaplan Turner
Florence Amelia Turner
H. Arnold Turner
Jeannette Byer Turner
Meyer Turner
Rabbi Simon Tuska


Barry Jay Underberg
Joe Underberg
Leon Underberg
Lillian Hefter Underberg
Mose Underberg
Pauline C. Underberg
Ray Underberg
Ronald Philip Underberg
Sadie Eagle Underberg
Louis Unobsky
Tillie Corem Unobsky
Dr. Michael D. Usdan
Dr. Sydney Usdan


Sonia Lewis Van Buskirk
Beulah R. Vosse


Belle Angel Wagner
Louis Wagner
Murray Alan Wagner
Abe Johl Waldauer
Ray Berg Waldauer
Annie Waldofsky
Isaac Waldofsky
Elsie Coleman Walker
Simpson Robert Walker
Barbara Drake Wallace
Adolf Waller
Edward Martin Waller
Helen Schlesinger Waller
Jacob W. Waller
Jay Warren Waller
Jerome Howard Waller
Sadie Schlesinger Waller
Hedi S. Ward
Nettie Fertel Warren
Jack D. Washer
Helen Goldstrom Wax
Rabbi James A. Wax
Morris Wax
Rose Edlin Wax
Abraham B. Webber
Jean G. Webber
Alice Bamberger Weil
Bertha Weil
Burton B. Weil
Clara Weil
David Hart Weil, Jr.
Ernest Parham Weil
Evelyn Salomon Weil
Julius Weil
Sophie Scharff Weil
Marilyn A. Wein
Tessie Banks Weinbaum
Emily Van Stavoren Weinberg
Harry Weinberg
Hyman Weinberg
Lew Weinberg
Mary R. Weinberg
Minnie Gold Weinberg
Nathan Weinberg
Pauline S. Weinberg
Bobbye Bronstein Weinberger
Jeffrey Clarke Weinberger
Allan Jay Weiner
Benjamin S. Weiner
Evelyn Lettes Weiner
Joseph Jacob Weiner
Sylvia Bloom Weiner
Aaron Weinstein
Adolph Edward Weinstein
Clara Perl Weinstein
Isadore Weinstein
Jacob (Jake) Weinstein
Jake Weinstein
Lina Bryant Weinstein
Mildred R. Weinstein
Ruth Weinstein
Dr. Sidney Samuel Weinstein
Bettie Schwab Weis
Pvt. Erwin Weis
Max Weis, Sr.
Rosemarie Cohen Weis
Sarah Kullman Weis
Aimee Johnson Weisburd
Everard Weisburd
Harry Weisburd
Helen Ruth Weisburd
Antoinette Folz Weiss
Arnold Morris Weiss
Belle Cooper Weiss
Bertha Gleitzman Weiss
Bessie Dlugach Weiss
David Weiss
Edward Elliott Weiss
Ellen Katz Weiss
Ethel Weiss
Eva Wasserman Weiss
Gerson David Weiss
Hannah Goldbaum Weiss
Harold Weiss
Henry Weiss
Joe L. Weiss
Joseph Weiss
Joseph Weiss
Leo Weiss
Louis Eugene Weiss
Michael David Weiss
Miriam Weiss
Morris Julius Weiss
Nannie Strauss Weiss
Rebecca Cooper Weiss
Rosa Baum Weiss
Samuel Weiss
Edna Gotthelf Wellman
Nathan H. Wellman
Edward A. Wener
Ernest Wertheim
Hermann Wertheim
Hertha Wertheim
Jacob J. Wexler
Maurice Wexler
Stella Benovitz Wexler
Alfred Burta Wexner
Henry Wexner
Marcy Wexner
Phillip Wexner
Rosalie Burta Wexner
Shirley Feinstein Wexner
Joan Stout White
Abraham Wiener
Dr. Dave Wiener
David Lester Wiener
Evelyn Wurzburg Wiener
Eleanor Hahn Wildenstein
Marx Wildenstein
Sylvia Harmel Williams
Vernon D. Williams
Myron Wilner
Sol Wilons
Harry Maurice Winter
Lillian Lax Winter
Fannie Welsch Winterton
Ann Alper Wise
Harry Wise
J. Edward “Ed” Wise
Naomi Lewis Wise
Sol Wise
Beatrice Wishnia
Boris Wishnia
Christina Wishnia
Irving Wishnia
Dave Witkowsky
Florence Witkowsky
Henry Witkowsky
Isaac Witkowsky
Louis Witkowsky
Maxine Witkowsky
Rena Witkowsky
Sophie Witkowsky
Flora Weiss Witt
Allan Ehrman Wolf, Sr.
Bernard Wolf
Eric Flynn Wolf
Frederica Scholem Wolf
Herbert Ben Wolf, Sr.
Herman Wolf
Marc Elliot Wolf
Rey M. Wolf
Roy Wolf
Sadie Cohn Wolf
Effie Lubin Wolfe
Joseph Bernard Wolfe
Dr. Sharkey Wolfe
William Wolfe
Arthur Joseph Wolff
Sara Karpf Wolff
Bluma Fertel Wolfson
Welville Hirsch Wolfson
Gerhard Wolpert
Lazar S. Wolpert
Morris M. Wolpert
Sara Baruch Wolpert
Melvin David Woodman
Yetta Jacobson Woolbert
Julia Hahn Wright
Julia Plough “Dolly” Wurtzburger
Leo C. Wurtzburger
Abe Wurzburg
Blanche Harris Wurzburg
Ellen Gutman Wurzburg
Frances Belle Wurzburg
Henrietta Wurzburg
Henry Wurzburg
Dr. Henry Wurzburg, Jr.
Louis Wurzburg
Matil Levy Wurzburg
Mickey Wurzburg
Miriam Bresler Wurzburg
Patty Evans Wurzburg
Reginald Wurzburg
Richard Wurzburg, Sr.
Seymour Wurzburg
Warren S. Wurzburg, Sr.


Ruth Gordon Yabrof
Jennie Rosenbush Yaeger
Seigfried Yaeger
William Yaffe
Yetta C. Yaffe
Sonia Yanovskaya
Owen Eugene Yellen
Lillian Abroms Yolles
Arthur L. Young
Bertha K. Young
Edward Reuben Young
Fagie Notowich Young
Harry Young
Sandra Lynn Young


Fay Zaglin
Louis Zaglin
Abe H. Zellner
Jesse Milton Zellner
Lois Sparks Zellner
Dr. A. Leonard Zimmerman
Harry Zimmerman
Dr. Irving Zimmerman
Mary Krivcher Zimmerman
Dorothy Zishuk
Solomon Zishuk
Helene Rose Hirshman Ziskind
Lance Zitron
Barbara Brog Zitron
Linda Malkin Zoller
Dr. Eugene Zuckerman
Marshall Aaron Zuckerman
Muriel Blatt Zuckerman
Louise K. Zugsmith
Bernard M. Zussman
Ida Zussman
Jane Erdman Zussman
Julius Zussman
Floyd Zwibelman
Jean Lorber Zwibelman

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