Temple Israel

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bat MitzvahStudents receive individualized preparation to become bar or bat mitzvah under the guidance and support of the education department, clergy, lay leaders, and mentors.

In the b'nai mitzvah program, students:

  • prepare to lead the Shabbat service in which they become bar or bat mitzvah
  • learn to read or chant Torah and Haftarah portions
  • learn about, and participate in, social action programs and projects

B'nai Mitzvah Handbook

Details on Temple's b'nai mitzvah program are included in a handbook, which students receive at the beginning of their studies. For more information, including registration, fees, and scheduling, e-mail Jackie Evans or call her at 901.937.2777.


Resources for our Bar and Bat Mitzvah Students

  1. Tallit Blessing
  2. Blessing for Torah Study
  3. Shehecheyanu (For sacred moments)
  4. Barechu (Call to worship)
  5. Yotzeir Or (For the light of creation)
  6. Chatimah for Ahavah Rabbah (For God's gift of Torah)
  7. Shema/V'ahavta (Declaration of faith and commitment)
  8. Mi Chamocha and Chatimah (for freedom and redemption)
  9. Meditation before Tefillah (Adonai s'fatai)
  10. Avot v'Imahot (For our ancestors)
  11. Gevurot (For renewal of life)
  12. Chatimah for Kedushah (for God's holiness)
  13. Chatimah for K'dushat HaYom (for Shabbat's holiness)
  14. Chatimah for Avodah (For the acceptance of our prayers)
  15. Chatimah for Hoda'ah (Thanksgiving)
  16. Chatimah for Shalom (Peace)
  17. Blessing before Torah Reading
  18. Blessing after Torah Reading
  19. Blessing before Haftarah Reading
  20. Blessing after Haftarah Reading