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Living Torah

Living Torah

Celebrate and commemorate the special moments in your life by being part of the Temple Israel Living Torah. Created by Israeli artist Michal Meron in her studio in Venice, Italy, the Temple Israel Living Torah is a colorful, beautifully illustrated Torah. It will be displayed in the Temple lobby for all to see and enjoy.

There are four levels of sponsorship available: the overall Torah ($18,000); Books ($5,400), Parashot ($540), and Panels ($180). You even can sponsor a Book or a Parsha as a group, such as an extended family; a B’nai Mitzvah, Confirmation, or Graduation class; a scout troop, a business, and more. Sponsor the Living Torah by signing up online, by mail, or by visiting Temple Israel. Funds raised from the Living Torah project will bridge the funding gap to provide education, religious services, and spiritual guidance for all Temple members.

Debbie and David Rosenthal brought this beautiful idea to Temple. A few years ago while walking around the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, they happened across Michal Meron’s studio and discovered her gorgeous illustrated Torahs. “The Torah is one of those common bonds that unites fellow Jews, no matter where we are in the world,” they said. They continued, “The beautiful way in which the Living Torah is created allows all of us to understand the story of our people in a visual way. This opportunity will allow congregants and our children to experience Torah every day for years to come.”

Living TorahDebbie and David are serving as Co-Chairs of the Living Torah project along with Billie and Joe Pierce. The Pierces, creators and sponsors of the Temple Israel Torah Fund, felt that the Living Torah project was a natural fit for them to also sponsor, in keeping with the concepts of Torah, teaching, and learning, and so they became the Founding Sponsors of the Living Torah.

“Several years ago, it came to our attention that there was no dedicated fund at Temple Israel to restore, repair, and maintain our beloved Torahs, nor the arks, covers, and silver ornamentation,” Joe said. Billie continued, “As Joe’s family already had donated some silver Torah pieces to Temple in memory of his grandmother, Mollie Bearman Pierce, it felt almost necessary to establish a fund which would always care for the utmost sacred item, our Torah, upon which Judaism is based.

The Living Torah Project makes the Torah spring to vibrant life in full color. It is such a new way to think about Torah. We foresee children becoming excited about learning Torah when they can match the illustrations to their lessons. Families can honor loved ones for weddings or B’nai Mitzvah, for example.

Having the Living Torah displayed in the Temple lobby instead of hidden away behind an ark makes it truly ‘our’ Torah--accessible, beautiful, ever-changing, and growing as it is advanced each week. We are thrilled to be able to give this gift to our congregation.”

Please contact Jan Reisman, janr@timemphis.org or 901.937.2781, with questions about the Living Torah.

Click on the name of the Parsha to view a photo of it. Sign up online for sponsorships.